Free Spider Solitaire 7.1

Freee Spider Solitaire is free downloadable software that lets you enjoy your enjoy patience games admirers. The publisher of this game is TreeCardGames, a company known for such popular solitaire programs as 123 Free Solitaire or SolSuite Solitaire which contains 700 different games. The download file is small and occupies only 7.5 MB or hard disk space.

How to Download Free Spider Solitaire

To download this free set of solitaire games, click on the Download button at the end of the review.  You can also play Free Spider Solitaire online without the need for installation at, but the desktop version seems more interesting and is simply prettier.

There is also Free Graphics Pack available for download, which offers new card sets, and backs as well as the backgrounds for play.

The Program Review

In the game, the user has the option to play spider solitaire in five versions, such as:

  • Rouge et Noir,
  • Simple Simon,
  • Spider One Suit,
  • Spider Two Suits,
  • and Spider Four Suits,

With each variant of the game you can see information about:

  • number of decks used in the game,
  • the length of the game,
  • level of difficulty,
  • suggested level of skill,
  • chance of winning expressed in percent.

As for the latter, the chances to win the games are the following:

  • the easiest one is Spider SolitaireOne Suite – you will win in two out of three cases, so you have 66.7% chance,
  • next as far as the chance of winning is concerned is Simple Simon, which gives you the chance to win once every three times (33.3%)
  • the next is Spider Two Suits, in which you will win once in five times (20% chance)
  • then you can count on winning a Spider Solitaire Four Suits only once in 20 times, which means success in 5% of the games,
  • lastly, there’s Rogue et Noir (Red and Black) which is entertainment for particularly persistent people, because the beneficial arrangement of cards will come only once every 50 times, so only in 2% of all the cases.

In the game, in the beginning, you have an option to choose a type of solitaire to be played. During the play, you can use Undo Move button, which will undo your last move (but only the last one) or you can use the Redo Move button, which restores the undone action. In a situation where there are no more cards, and solitaire cannot be won, you can start a new game.

You can also customize the game’s appearance by:

  • choosing the design of the cards on each side (the backs and the fronts),
  • selection of game background (Green Felt, Leaves, Pink Silk Hearts) or a solid color (blue, green, navy, olive, teal, and white).

The game also allows you to minimize and maximize the ribbon menu and choose its color (blue, silver or black).

The cards in the game move smoothly when played, and you can also change their speed if you like. And if you feel like it, you can also turn off the sound. Free Spider Solitaire offers an interface in many languages. Among them, you can find English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Czech, Polish and others.

The game is appreciated by the users for such features as the smooth animation of cards during the play of the hand and after winning the game, the ability to move cards with a single click, no limit of undo and replay options, and the ability to save game progress or control your stats.

The minimum system requirements needed to run Free Spider Solitaire is a Windows 7 machine.

Free Spider Solitaire is a set of solitaire games that will certainly pull you in, and the pleasant interface and nice graphics design and the animations will add value to the mix. Free SPider Solitaire develops perceptiveness, which then leads to a natural increase in the number of games won. What is important, the program offers extensive help files, in which the rules of individual solitaires and even the strategies that can be applied to them are explained.

It’s worth knowing that for those who want to access even more games and possibilities, the application offers easy purchase of the full SolSuite Solitaire package with many beautiful graphics and a plethora of solitaires.

Free Spider Solitaire
Free Spider Solitaire is a free set of five solitaires. Download the game and enjoy the pleasant intellectual entertainment packaged in an elegant, modern graphic design.
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