Portal is one of the games that have managed to create a cult following. It’s also the reason why we had a sequel to the title pretty fast. However, this was initially a part of a larger project named The Orange Box from Valve (which also included the amazing FPS Half-Life 2 with its two expansions and another, this time the team-based FPS called Team Fortress 2), yet a lot of people liked it because it was different.

How to Download Portal

You can download Portal either separately or as a part of the Orange Box (recommended as you will get a lot more value for not much more money). You should also have a look at the game’s sequel called Portal 2. To start downloading, click on the link below the review.

The Game Review

At its core, Portal is a puzzle game and a pretty good one at that. The story is intriguing, just because you are left alone and try to find the way out from a pretty large location.

There are tons of interesting options to consider as you play and every new place is unique and fun. Valve did a very good job at creating a wonderful game world where you can just create your own portals and move cubes with your gun at your own pace. It works really well and it’s adaptable in ways you would not imagine.

In this game, you take the role of Chell, which is a young woman trapped in the Aperture Science Complex. You do need to solve tests that vary in difficulty and these are created by a strange AI named GLaDOS. You will have the portal gun as the only tool which can be used to create portals that you can use as gates.

You are briefed in the beginning and you will get to find hidden dens created by GLaDOS herself. Even if you try to get away from the AI, she will try to lure you with cakes and a party, but in reality, she tries to kill you.

That being said, the progress is indeed easy to see because puzzles tend to be more and more challenging. You will get at one point where it will be very hard to find and establish new challenges and explore new ideas as you play.

That doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park. There’s something here for any type of gamer. You have serious puzzles, but you also have fun ones. We all heard “this cake is a lie” somewhere in the past decade, and this is where that saying comes from. It goes to show the cult following that the game managed to generate, and it’s just something unique and very interesting.

Portal is a very creative game. And the fact that you have controller support just makes it so much more interesting, because you get to stay on your couch as you figure out the solutions to all those complicated puzzles. It’s simple at first, but it easily becomes more and more complicated and that’s the crucial aspect that you need to focus on when it comes to a game like this.

Do keep in mind that there’s a lot of movement in this game, so it can easily bring in a sense of motion sickness. It’s not the first game that will do that to you, but it’s widely known for requiring a lot of focus and attention, all while moving in too fast.

It’s definitely a game that you need to play and while it doesn’t really have cooperative, it definitely brings you an intense and very impressive experience that you do not want to miss at all. Which is exactly what matters the most.

Portal is a three-dimensional science fiction puzzle game. Download it now for some mind-bending experience with a great story on top.
10 Total Score
Portal Review Summary

If you love adventure games with plenty of puzzles and some interesting characters here and there, this is the right title for you. It definitely has its fair share of cool locations and moments, so try it out today if you can.

  • Great story and graphics
  • Controller support
  • Lots of achievements
  • You get to experience the progression
  • Unique mechanics
  • It can bring you motion sickness at times
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