The Talos Principle

At its core, the downloadable title The Talos Principle stands as a highly stimulating experience and a visceral treat for the senses. Whether it’s pondering the existence of life or deciphering brain-melting enigmas, this perplexing puzzler is an immersive masterpiece, albeit one that invites the player down the existential rabbit hole. Prepare to be illuminated, bemused and downright moved, all in one go. This game was born for those with a penchant for the profound, but remember, thinking caps are a must.

How to Download The Talos Principle

To download The Talos Principle you should click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game can be downloaded from Steam. You can also get the game soundtrack, the DLC called Serious and even the VR version.

The Game Review

The Talos Principle, the first-person, single-player puzzle game developed by Croteamis is in many ways, to pardon the phrase an enigma, and it’s all the better for it. That said, if the cryptic conundrums don’t leave you scratching your head, then the metaphysical magnitude of its plot surely will.

The Talos Principle mimics, and in some ways elaborates on those key ideas and concepts present in Valve’s Portal. Granted, it lacks somewhat of the divine inspiration, regarding original props like the gravity gun from the aforementioned title. In essence, it relies on more conventional methods to get the point across — likewise, puzzle completion banks solely on the clever use of blocks. Or rather the manipulation of laser grids and turrets.

Better still, much of the enjoyment derives from deliberation and the sheer gambit of gadgets allows for full freedom of thought. The player has plenty of tools at their disposal, mental or physical.

The ultimate challenge lies in those puzzles which offer stars as rewards, so keep a watchful eye out for those. That’s if you can stomach the pain that comes with defeat.

The beauty of The Talos Principle is that there is a multitude of ways to get the job done. With that in mind, it makes each level feel like a genuine triumph; all that brain-boggling confusion was worth its weight in gold after all. The challenge is a reward, and this highlights just how crucial those eureka moments turn out to be.

Although the game offers plenty of variety in the initial stages, it does suffer from a lag of repetition toward the final third. All in all, the gratification that comes from beating its obscure oddities does wear a little thin.

Thankfully, the difficulty reaches a fever-pitched crescendo, right as the curtain calls. With a wholesome sum of 120 dilemmas (puzzles) to rack your brain over, there is plenty of meat on the bone. More still with regards to the volume of its content.

To coincide with the puzzle-based formula if the game, the gameplay has an equally puzzling story to match. The narrative delves deep into the heart of the human condition. Furthermore, it explores philosophical themes like the nature of reality and our perceptions of it as a concept. A vital aspect of the game is that it forces you to face some heavy subject matter.

But, in doing so, you come out the other side feeling cleansed —a sort of spiritual reawakening. You can tell a great deal of work has gone into making the story truly hit home. On the same note, sprawled about the place are the works of famous writers and poets of Earth’s past. It’s true that these range from the profound as they often are, to the insane.

The player assumes control of an android and is guided through the world by an entity known as Elo-him (you should know that Elohim is God’s name often used in the Old Testament). As well as this all-seeing voice of reason, the nameless Android has access to various terminals. These detail events relating to Earth.

Codes and graffiti left by prior explorers give a great insight into the world and everything in it. Though oddly, there is an absence of animals, this fact only adds to the mythos and mystery of it all.

The Talos Principle
The Talos Principle is a puzzle game with a rich story. Download it now and be prepared for some mind-bending puzzles and an awesome narrative.
10 Total Score
The Talos Principle Review Summary

To summarise, The Talos Principle is a unique voyage of discovery that will test you to the absolute limits. Also, the reward based puzzle format and intriguing story combine to conjure an experience that is indeed one-of-a-kind. Finally, its strange allure will remain in the recesses of the mind long after completion. Venture forth if you dare.

  • Challenging puzzle format
  • Alternative endings
  • Lush, immersive environments
  • A purposeful, philosophical story of substance
  • Repetitive
  • Gameplay drifts from the narrative at times
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