CrossCode is a single-player downloadable action role-playing game developed by Radical Fish Games. The game was published by Deck13 and was officially released on 20th September 2018.

The game is based on a storyline where the players follow the story of the main protagonist known as Lea, as goes on a journey to stop her brother from working on a project, that can prove to cause chaos within the world that she lives in. CrossCode is available to play on the platforms of Linux, OS X, and Microsoft Windows. Unfortunately, nothing is known at the moment about the versions of CrossCode for PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

How to Download CrossCode

You can download this action RPG from Steam or An additional download that you will want to consider is the official CrossCode Soundtrack which contains 64 MP3 tracks from the game. Last but not least there is also a free demo that you can enjoy and before committing to the download of the full game. If you don’t have Steam you can even play the demo online as it uses the HTML 5 format to render content.

If you like action RPGs be sure to also check out the classic example of this genre: Diablo III.

The Game Review

CrossCode is a relatively basic game which is set in a 2D environment. The game only consists of the campaign mode which follows the story of Lea, who tries to stop her brother from what is known to be a threat to not just himself, but everyone in the game.

The Story

The storyline begins as a girl named Shizuka enters a castle and tries to stop her brother from completing an unknown project. After failing to convince him, Shizuka fades and the game then resumes with another girl appearing at a lab and being called Lea.

The lab appears to be CrossWorlds: a fictional MMO of the distant future. Lea also seems to have lost her memory but begins to regain as the story progresses. One of the prominent factors of the storyline is how until the very end, the project his brother was working on remains a complete mystery.

CrossCode is a fairly easy game with simple graphics combined with effective gameplay. Despite being set up in a 2D environment, the puzzle and combat system can become quite intense for even the most experienced gamers.

CrossCode: the Combat Mechanics

As far as combat is concerned, CrossCode features basic shooting and melee controls that players can manipulate to take out their enemies. There are fast close-ranged attacks that deal relatively less damage but are more efficient.

Then come the charged attacks which naturally deal more damage but take a longer time to charge up. The shooting is relatively more complex as players have to properly aim for the target in order to make them effective.

One of the more interesting features that the game offers is the rebound of bullets when shot at specific areas.

Players can use rebound shots to target those opponents that are generally out of range or are critically more dangerous to approach at a closer range. Apart from that, the in-game puzzles enable the players to brainstorm and think in a creative manner in order to solve them.

Puzzles mostly revolve around shooting different targets in order to open certain pathways to proceed within the game. Each puzzle is slightly different and unique in its nature, which requires the players to come up with a strategy each time they encounter it.

The Bottom Line

In an age where modern 3D games have taken over the industry, CrossCode makes its fans go on a trip down memory lane. The extensive gameplay features shown in a basic environment in CrossCode proves how there is more to a game than fancy graphics.

CrossCode is a two-dimensional science fiction action RPG with retro graphics. Download it now and enjoy the combat and a great story.
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