Epic Seven

Epic Seven, a self-titled anime role-playing game from developer and publisher Smilegate Megaport, is a title developed within this classical framework. Sporting a beautiful artwork style that looks right at home in the 32-bit Golden Era of JRPG games from Square, Epic Seven similarly features a nuanced and detailed world full of lore, exploration, mystery, and more.

How to Download Epic Seven

You can download Epic Seven for your Android devices by visiting Google Play Store of for iOS tablet or phone upon a visit to Apple App Store. To start downloading hit the button located at the end of this review. 

The Game Review 

Two things that are inextricably linked in the minds of many video gamers? Japanese role-playing games and an anime/manga aesthetic. 

That’s not really much of a stretch. 

It is impossible to distinguish where one begins and the other ends. Indeed, sharing art styles, plot tropes, and even a common association with Japanese pop culture, JRPGs and anime are more often found together than not.

One prominent example of this is the Persona series from Atlus. Spanning both anime, manga, and video game properties, Persona also hocks merch, music, and spin-offs of the main title.

We cite that to show you just how deep this genre can get and just how encompassing the properties that occupy its space can become.

Epic Seven User Interface

The user interface is easy to understand and quick to master. The combat system, on the other hand, is a lot deeper and more complex than it would seem at first blush. You’ll have to think about what you’re doing in this game and learning the in-game systems is important for success.

As a mobile title, there are in-game transactions that can help you speed up your character’s development but, overall, the game really doesn’t encourage grinding nor reward it. Indeed, Smilegate Megaport goes out of their way to describe Epic Seven as the opposite of a grindfest like those found in other titles.

Like many of the classic titles found in the JRPG genre, Epic Seven does not rest on its laurels when it comes to character development and plot.

The game’s intense marketing of its varied cast of characters has a lot of weight to it as it is obvious the devs spent a lot of time thinking about this world and the people that live in it. Unlike many mobile titles, you will find yourself actually caring about the people you encounter in this game.

Keeping the gamer hooked to the story are amazing anime cutscenes and dramatic ups and downs characteristic of an epic fantasy. And, really, the artwork is brilliantly beautiful. It is almost difficult to believe that this is a mobile title but it is. We recommend playing it on the tablet for the most robust experience though it looks just as stunning on the small screen.

Epic Seven
Epic Seven is a mobile anime fantasy JRPG. Download it now for some great story and exhilarating combat sequences.
9 Total Score
Epic Seven Review Summary

  • Amazingly beautiful graphics, great story, awesome soundtrack, and cool characters
  • Combat is easy to understand, tough to master and the user interface also gives you everything you need to know, right there
  • Not a grindfest like so many games in this genre
  • If you don’t like Japanese role-playing games or manga, this title won’t convince you otherwise
  • The story is hit or miss but there sure is a lot of it
  • Microtransactions can get expensive
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