EVE Online

EVE Online is a downloadable sci-fi MMORPG that has been running EVEr since the 6th May 2003 and is currently under development by CCP Games. CCP Games have only really done work on the EVE Online franchise, which involves the spin-offs of Dust 524 and EVE: Valkyrie, but they were popular among fans upon release. In the world of EVE Online, you are quite literally given your freedom to explore the universe, however you see fit – alone or with friends.

How to Download EVE Online

You can download EVE Online by clicking the Download button below the review and getting the Windows installer. You can also get the game from Steam together with additional DLC content such as Galaxy Pack, Star Pack, Meteor Pack, which gives you access to additional features.

The Game Review

Set 21,000 years into the future, EVE Online claims that humanity has finally used up much of the resources that were once abundant on Earth. Throughout the years, a natural wormhole was eventually discovered, which led humanity to a new section of the universe, called New Eden.

In this new galaxy, you’re free to set out on your own life as you see fit as one of four playable races. Whether you become the scourge of the galaxy or the nicest merchant to have ever been met, EVE Online does have plenty of lore, ut does allow for you to create your very own stories that have to be seen to be believed.

The main gameplay loop of EVE Online is typically down to you as the player, but it typically revolves around you exploring the vast galaxy for new gear, loot, equipment, and currency. In EVE Online, you’ll be inside of your ship pretty much all of the time and will be expected to explore the galaxy of New Eden.

While you’re exploring New Eden, you may end up being tasked with fighting other players or other ships, depending on the type of player you want to be. Some of the greatest battles in all of EVE Online are sought out against gigantic fleets with hundreds of players, but that’s only one of the many reasons you’re going to need to purchase new ships as time goes on.

Currency is used to improve those ships of yours and you can eventually start to mount a fair number of ships, all of which can be upgraded in different aspects to make some better for combat and some better for pure traversal among the stars.

You and your character can level up and improve as you play the game and once you do, you can look among your vast number of potential skills and professions and improve them, allowing you the opportunity to create your own version of a job to acquire more money. The more money you have, the stronger you can become with whatever it is you wish to do with your ship.

In terms of comparisons, the game isn’t really like any other MMORPG on the market. What it does take some inspiration from, however, is games like Wing Commander or the Star Wars: X-Wing games, but for the most part is quite unique in of itself.

EVE Online
EVE Online is a space MMORPG in which you explore a vast open universe engaging in galactic battles, trade, and interstellar business. Download it now for free.
7.5 Total Score
EVE Online Review Summary

Anyone that’s looking for a , hardcore MMORPG that’s set in a sci-fi setting, EVE Online is going to have everything you could ever want and more. The learning curve can be absolutely brutal, but the overall freedom for the player is completely unparallel by any other.

  • Vast, practically unending universe to explore
  • Hardcore gameplay loop that keeps you coming back every single day
  • Given the utmost choice on everything you’d like to do
  • Epic, hundred-person battles can occur
  • , learning curve that can be hard to get through
  • Requires a lot of time and effort from the player
User Rating: 4.4 (5 votes)
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