HellSign is a downloadable action RPG that is unlike anything else in the genre and has been developed by Ballistic Interactive, a team that is currently only known for this game, but due to its positive reception, not many people are complaining. Released on PC on the 9th November 2018, the game has you taking on the role of a hunter, an individual that gets paid for dealing with the atrocities of the afterlife.

How to Download HellSign

You can easily download the game by clicking the big Download button provided at the end of this review. You can obtain the game from Steam. If you like detective horror games why not check out and download some Lovecraftian titles like Call of Cthulhu or Lovecraft’s Untold Stories.

The Game Review

Playing as a hunter, your day job is researching and hunting all manners of beasts and demons, using everything you have on offer to decimate them once and for all. The story begins with your character waking up with a fractured memory that implies they died the previous night, awakening with a new brand located on their person for an unknown reason. They have to continue on with their task of clearing out the town, all the while slowly coming to the realization that the brand is anything but good for them.

HellSign isn’t your traditional action RPG, as it combines that of a top-down 3rd person shooter and an investigative title, meshing all 3 of the genres together. Before you go anywhere in the game, you must pick and choose your next contract, some of which ask you to determine what’s happened at the chosen location and others simply want you to kill whatever it is you come across.

Just like many other top-down 3rd person shooters, you point and aim at you want dead and then pull the trigger until their health bar reaches zero while giving you the option to roll when needed. Outside of the pure action, some jobs will require you to figure out exactly what happened and with a number of different key items and gadgets at your disposal, you can find out all the clues you’ll ever need. By examining destroyed furniture, looking through cupboards, and even following blood trails. Everything you discover will slowly bring you closer to the answer.

Once you’ve managed to find enough clues, you can piece them together in your journal to figure out once and for all what exactly is causing the problem or committed the atrocities, with each entity having its own weaknesses and strengths. Before deciding on whether or not you wish to attack the entity, you can plan out everything about your next set of actions to make the oncoming fight that little bit easier. By completing missions, you’ll get paid and will be able to exchange that money for new equipment, traps, weapons, and armor to ensure that each job you do becomes easier than the last.

In terms of comparisons, HellSign isn’t really like much else in the genre. It takes small pieces of inspiration from games like Diablo and Path of Exile, while having gameplay that is similar to Helldivers, but the whole investigative paranormal aspect of it all is pretty unique for the genre as a whole.

HellSign is a cross between an action RPG and a horror detective game. Download it to hunt for demons, giant spiders, ghost and other unpleasant monsters.
9 Total Score
HellSign Review Summary

HellSign can be quite a dark ARPG at times, but with how addictive and enjoyable the gameplay loop is, there isn’t too much to complain about with this title. Anyone that wants a different take on the genre in a much darker, more paranormal setting, HellSign is going to provide all of that and more for you.

  • Investigating new paranormal entities is both creepy and engaging
  • The atmosphere at all times is perfectly harrowing for the game
  • Planning and combat are a fun aspect of the game that doesn’t get left behind
  • Story is interesting and keeps you going
  • Some of the enemies aren’t all that interesting in comparison to others
  • Some of the locations do get a bit tedious after a while
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