Kingdom Hearts III

Some games are hard to review as you just want to yell at people to go and play them for themselves. Kingdom Hearts III for me is one of those games. I say this in the most positive way. It is a game that you have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate.

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The Game Review

Let me start this Kingdom Hearts III review by saying that there is no point at all of me trying to explain the story. The story of Kingdom Hearts by this point is very, very bloated, however, if you have been sticking with the franchise, you will have a better idea than most of what is going on. With that being said the story is fun and I feel it is at its best when it is focusing on Sora stuff than the Disney stuff.

I have to talk about how good this game looks. I think that even the PS2 version of the original Kingdom Hearts holds up well and the two collections that they did for the PS4 with the HD graphics look fantastic. This one though takes things to a whole new level. I do not think I would go as far as to say that these are just as good as the movies, but they are damn close.

Areas that have been in previous games like Hercules, for example, looks so much grander in scale than they did before. The new worlds such as Monsters Inc., Frozen and especially Big Hero 6 look phenomenal. I would actually have loved to have played this on a PlayStation 4 Pro or an Xbox One X to see the game in its full glory as even on the standard Xbox One it looks phenomenal.

You will find yourself time and time again exploring each area not just to find the hidden Mickey icons and other secrets that are around. But just to explore and marvel in the fan service that is all around each of the worlds.

What is really addictive in Kingdom Hearts III though is the combat. The first two Kingdom Hearts games (and most of the spin-offs) tend to start very slow. Kingdom Hearts III starts off at a much quicker pace and it gets you pumped up for what is to come right from the start. This is a game that is all about going on the offensive. While there are some defensive tactics, this is one game where a strong offense is the best form of defense.

Sora has different Keyblades that he can use and switching between them can be a lot of fun. I preferred the more melee based ones, but there is something for everyone here. My absolute favorite attacks though are the new summons that the game has. These things are epic and you can in some cases unleash a theme park attraction on your foes!

Kingdom Hearts III has a lot of side missions and extra stuff for you to do, but even if you were just to fully focus on the main story you easily have over 20 hours of gameplay ahead of you. I though feel that this is a game that is best explored at a more leisurely pace so you can appreciate every nook and cranny.

The story may not be for everyone and if this is your first Kingdom Hearts game or even if it is your first one since II in 2006, you may be wondering what the heck is going on at points. However, I would say the story is not as bad as some people make and it certainly is a nice ending to the series…… if it actually is!

Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III is a role-playing game with hack and slash combat. Download it and enter a world full of Disney characters.
9 Total Score
Review Summary

  • One of the best looking games of this generation
  • The worlds are a lot of fun to explore
  • Epic combat that is a lot of fun
  • The summons are tremendous
  • Starts off at a quick pace
  • The story is still convoluted
  • It is not the hardest game in the series
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