Pagan Online

Pagan Online is a new action RPG (think Diablo or Lost Ark Online) that has (as I write this) just gone into early access. The game is being put out by so you can play it over there or on Steam as I did. I know that some of you are thinking “another RPG!!!”, but to be fair I do feel that Pagan Online is trying its best to stand out from all the rest.

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You can download the game either via Steam or via To proceed, click on the Download button located below the review.

The Game Review

One of the first things that sparked my interest was the setting. Yes, Pagan Online is best described as a game with a fantasy setting. I was pretty surprised to know that much of the game’s lore was taken from Slavic mythology which is something I know nothing about so I thought that was pretty cool.

Another cool thing about Pagan Online is the way that it plays. This is an action RPG with a very heavy emphasis on action. Instead of moving your character by clicking the mouse. Pagan Online has you controlling your character with the WASD keys and then you use the mouse to click your attacks. This sounds like it would be a nightmare to learn, but it is not.

The controls are absolutely spot on. You can move in one direction and shoot in the other which I felt (depending on the class you are using) gave the game a bit of a twin-stick shooter kind of feel. The combat is very satisfying and something I really had a lot of fun with.

You have a few different classes to pick from and these are all super cool and based on old myths. Anya was the character for me, but as I play more of the game and unlock new ones, I will probably give a tank a try! Anyway, you start a level and walk around and then you will come across a section where there is some action!

Here the game will wall off the area and you will have to fight hordes of creatures. This is an absolute blast to do and you are well rewarded with loot for your trouble. You do this until you come across a boss, defeat the boss and move onto the next section of the game. There is actually a lot to do and while I have mainly stuck to the main objectives there are side missions you can do such as these assassin ones which sound really neat.

As is the case with any RPG, improving your character plays a big part. I really like how each character has their own feel, skill tree, and moves that they can do. It makes them feel more like an individual and progression in the game I found to be very straightforward and easy to understand.

While Pagan Online is still in early access you would not know that by looking at the game’s visuals. Pagan Online is a fantastic looking game, I love the character and creature designs and even the stages in this early state have a lot of details in them. I did notice a few technical bugs like I got stuck behind a wall at one point and I had to restart when an enemy in an encounter spawned halfway in the area.

I think that Pagan Online is shaping up to be something really special. It is certainly a game that I am looking forward to spending more time with. I really do like everything about it. Some might find it a little simplistic, but I see that as a huge part of the appeal. This is available for free and it is well worth giving a go.

Pagan Online
Pagan Online is a fantasy hack and slash MMORPG. Download it now for some amazing action and for the unique Slavic mythology setting.
7 Total Score
Pagan Online Review Summary

  • Based on Slavic mythology
  • The different classes feel unique
  • Combat is very different from what other PC RPG’s usually do
  • The setting is really cool
  • For an early access game, it looks fantastic
  • There is plenty of things to do
  • There are some technical bugs which you would expect from an early access game
  • Some might find it a little “simple”
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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