Torchlight III

When you look at Torchlight 3 information online it is mostly filled with people saying it is not as good as the previous two games. To be fair, Torchlight 3 is a fun action RPG game that is very easy to get into and very basic in every regard. I can see why for some this is not all that exciting, but as someone who did not play the previous games, I had a fair bit of fun with it.

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To download the game, click on the Download button below this review and make your choice of the platform you want to play it on. Check out also our review of Torchlight II, the game that was released back in 2012.

The Game Review

The story of the game takes place a century after the events of the second game. For a game set in a fantasy world, I do feel it could have been a bit more story-driven. The basics of it are that the land of Novastraia is under attack from all kinds of beasts and you need to save it. It is basic fantasy stuff, but I wish it went more in-depth as I like the world they have created here.

This is an action RPG with a heavy emphasis on the action. You will be killing wave after wave of enemies, looking for loot, playing with the skill trees, and defeating bosses. I can see why for some people; Torchlight 3 is one of the most basic games of this style in quite some time.

I thought that its simplicity was quite fun. You have four classes to chose from and then a bunch of subclasses. I went for a sharpshooter who could also summon and found it to be fun. There are also a ton of relics you can come across which can help assist you in many ways, but make sure you read what they all do so you get one that compliments your class.

The combat is very easy to get into and a lot of fun, if not a bit repetitive. I loved shooting from a distance and then using my badass golem to do some major melee damage! Another thing I loved about the game was the pets! There are different pets you can get; I loved the dog.

They will aid you on your quest and they even serve as a way to carry more items. There is a ton of loot for you to get, but I found the drop rate of the legendary/rare loot to be rather frustrating. Still, it made the times I did get something cool very exciting and it drove me to keep on playing.

Visually, I love what they have done with Torchlight 3. It is everything that a game like Diablo 3 or Path of Exile is not. It is bright, filled with color and it looks like an animated movie in many regards. I do wish that there was more variety to the maps though, I am sure that each boss encounter takes place in the exact same damn area!

I only played the game by myself, but you can team up with some friends and play it that way. I think that if you were playing with friends, it might make the game more exciting. Especially for those that find the game too basic, if you were playing with friends it could be what makes the game more fun and interesting for you.

While I had fun with Torchlight 3, I am not sure it is the game I will play over and over again. The end game content where you play it again, but with various modifiers did not really appeal to me. Still, the combat was easy to get into and I liked the visual presentation and think it would be a decent first action RPG for some people.

Torchlight III
Torchlight III is a fantasy hack-and-slash action role-playing game. Download it now and defend the fantasy world that is under the assault of evil.
6.5 Total Score
Review Summary

  • I liked the way the game looked
  • It has a kind of animated movie style to it all
  • Each of the four classes feels different
  • Relic classes and relics let you flesh out your character
  • The different pets are awesome and range from a dog to a dragon!
  • The game is very simple in every regard
  • I do not think it has much in the way of longevity
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