A massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Vindictus from South Korean gaming giant Nexon is a downloadable prequel to the hugely popular Mabinogi, which was released 6 years earlier in 2004, and borrows a lot of that games same core elements.

How to Download Vindictus

You can download the Vindictus client for free. To do this, simply click on the Download link below this review.

The Game Review

The setting is the same, though the story takes place a century prior to the events in the first game. The game is ostensibly free to play but there are some items that gamers can pick up in the cash shop to help with character mods and enhancements. To buy these upgrades, players often use Nexon’s proprietary currency, the NX.

Characters and Classes

Like many MMORPGs, Mabinogi has characters and classes though, unlike most traditional online RPGs, they are the same thing in Vindictus. This means that your character is your class.

At the beginning of the game, there are 12 characters to choose from. Basic abilities remain the same from character to character but players do have the ability to customize certain things here and there. Initially, Vindictus began with five selectable characters but that has since expanded to the 12 now on offer.

Premiering in 2010, Vindictus is one of the longest-running MMORPGs of the second generation and shows no signs of slowing up any time soon.


Where Mabinogi and Vindictus shine is in their unique and complex combat system. Nearly impossible for bots to replicate, Vindictus is about not getting hit as much as it is about delivering blows to your opponent.

Players love this kind of intense combat but those weaned on World of Warcraft and the like might find it too action oriented. It is kind of like Tera but more in the middle between Tera and WoW. For those who have not played Tera, it is an action-heavy game that uses cooldowns and the like in the style of WoW but with the speed of a beat ‘em up or action game.

The Vindictus Story

Lore and storywise, Vindictus is part of a larger mythos that draws upon a Celtic collection of legends (after which the first game, Mabinogi, is named). This provides Vindictus with a hugely rich background to draw from and, as a prequel, allows it a lot of room for customization in how it fleshes out the events of the first game. Players who enjoy a deep story don’t often get that with a free-to-play game, but Nexon has mastered that art and it shows with Vindictus.

The Graphics and the Sound

Though the graphics look like they were ripped right from the PS3 era (and they are), they still hold up all this time later and look really, really good. Music and sound are appropriately epic, with sound effects, in particular, receiving loving attention from the devs. Clashes and clangs resonate and sound great. Given that the combat occupies such a

Vindictus is a free Korean open-world fantasy MMORPG. Download it to enjoy great hack and slash action which is set hundreds of years before the events played out in another MMORPG: Mabinogi.
7.5 Total Score
Vindictus Review Summary

  • Awesome free-to-play MMORPG action
  • Great graphics for a game that’s almost ten years old
  • Addictive and habit-forming in the way all good MMORPGs are
  • It is a grindfest
  • The mechanics are not always clear and may take some getting used to at first
  • Tough to jump into right now but worth it nonetheless
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