Automation – The Car Company Tycoon Game

Automation – The Car Company Tycoon Game is a car production simulation game developed and published by Camshaft Software. The main programmers involved in this game consist of Caswal Parker, Jayelinda Suridge, and Isaac Blomfield.

How to Download Automation – The Car Tycoon Game

To download the game to your PC click on the Download button at the end of this review. The game is available for download on Steam in early access. Unfortunately, there is no demo that you can try. The game is not easy to play so be sure to look for guides, forums or online wiki for more information if you get stuck.

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The Game Review

Released on 12th March 2015, Automation is a car company tycoon game which enables players to design and build their own cars from scratch. The main aim of the game is for the players to come up with numerous cars as per their likings and design them from scratch. The game is, so far, only available to play on Microsoft Windows through Steam.

Although the game was released back in 2015, much of its features are still unavailable to play due to them still being in the process of development. The game offers three different types of game modes namely, the Campaign, Scenarios, and Multiplayer.

In the Campaign mode, the full version is still under development and is yet to be released, however, the company has released a lite campaign version which is sort of like a demo. Lite campaign begins as players first get to choose the region they want to work in. Each of the regions has a specific car market size, preferred car stats bar, and a disliked car stats bar. This helps the player know what kind of manufacturer they would want to work with and what their creativity should be like.

Apart from that players can design cars ranging from 1946 till 2018. Once the players specify their requirements, the game finally takes them to the production garage where they have to manufacture their own cars starting from scratch.

The gameplay is very extensive in this perspective as every little detail in every part of the car is well defined. For example, in the lights sections, players have to choose from hundreds of designs to set up their car with the appropriate lightings including the headlights, tail lights, indicators, grilles, vents, wings, handles, exhausts, lips, and badges.

Similar to that, other features also include the overall body, engine, suspension out of many which are all defined in depth. Moving on to the scenarios, the game offers tutorials, challenges, and the sandbox. The tutorials are a must for all beginners considering the depth and very complex features that the players experience during the designing phase. The tutorials are comparatively longer as well but once players can get through them all, they are able to understand the basic designing concepts that are related to the cars.

Other features include the challenges where players have to design specific cars as per the task requirements. The multiplayer mode is still completely under development hence there has been no such announcements as what it holds for its users.

Overall, Automation – The Car Tycoon Game has very complex, but lifelike gameplay and is specifically made for anyone who has an interest in the production of cars.

The gameplay experience is extensive and wide as it contains thousands of opportunities that the players can imply, enabling them to design the cars of their own choice. Much of the game still hasn’t been released however, the standards have been set as players eagerly wait to play the game in its full entirety.

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game
Automation – The Car Tycoon Game is a simulation game in which you design your own cars. Download it show your engineering genius.
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