Bus Simulator 18

Bus Simulator 18 is a downloadable game that is designed for Windows. For the best experience, it is recommended that you play it on Windows 10. With Stillalive Studios as its developer and Astragon Entertainment GmbH as its publisher, the game has received mostly positive reviews on the Internet. Bus Simulator 18 was introduced to its users on 13 June 2018. Just as the name implies, the goal is all about playing the role of a bus driver and drive around the city picking and dropping off passengers within the set time limit. You can play as an individual driver or add up with your friends and play the multimode.

How to Download Bus Simulator 18

You can download the game by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. Bus Simulator 18 (with its price of $31.49) is a direct sequel to Bus Simulator 16 which was released on March 2, 2016. The game should not be confused with Bus Driver Simulator 18 which is a game by another company (KishMish Games) and was released slightly earlier on January 31, 2018. Bus Simulator 18 is only available as Windows PC download. There is no version for Android or iOS.

The Game Review

The game starts with one of the two options of a career mode and a free mode. The career mode is the one where you gain or lose passengers whereas the free mode is the free version of driving without any challenges. You also receive the option of the type of weather that you would prefer driving in. As you get ready to start the trip, you come across a short tutorial bar which instructs you about your controls and lets you know about a map. The map which is present on the dashboard can be expanded once you click on it to keep track of the directions.  The controller should try moving the vehicle to and fro to get hold of the vehicle’s control. The stirring wheel can be controlled using various support equipment including gamepads and TrackIR.

First is the passenger stop, where the driver stops and waits for the passengers to get in. Driving as a single player, it is essential that you learn to take full control of the stirring wheel to prevent any accidents or damages, as this can harm the reputation of the driver. The objective should be to remain in the good books of your customers by taking them to their destination on time and safely and earn as much money as possible. The money you make can then be used to refill the fuel or repair any damage done to the bus.

The user has to cover a total of 12 different areas and in doing so will have to face a number of different obstacles such as a crazy traffic jam or a rough area with construction blockage or bad weather timings that can disrupt your smooth ride.

The player has access to eight fantastic original and legally licensed buses from popular companies such as IVECO, MAN, Setra, and Mercedes-Benz. Moreover, you can also create your own transport, tracks, and design an entirely new map that you can then share with the Bus Simulator 18 community. The user can even customize their mode of transport by adding different colors, designs, engines and other qualities to it. You can do all of this with the help of the modding mode the content of which you can simply download from the Internet.

Bus Simulator 18
Bus Simulator 18 is a proposition for the fans of virtual driving. Download the game, drive a bus and safely transport your passengers.
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