City Car Driving Home Edition 1.5.9

City Car Driving Home Edition is a downloadable traffic simulator designed to prepare future drivers for real-time driving. The game was created by the Russian studio Forward Development, which in the past released also a similar simulator called 3D Instructor. City Car Driving was released on December 23, 2010, and is available on PCs running Windows.

How to Download City Car Driving

City Car Driving can be downloaded from Steam or from the official website. There the download of City Car Driving Home Edition is free, but the game itself is not. After downloading the file, you need to purchase an activation code for the game.

The Gameplay

In the case of City Car Driving Home Edition, it is hard to talk about the storyline. The game is a pure simulator and an educational experience. The main goal for the player in the game is learning. Future drivers have the opportunity to sit down behind the wheel of a virtual machine and test their skills in realistically modeled urban traffic. At the beginning of your adventure, you have to choose the vehicle you want to drive from the several available models. You will be able to drive one of the compact cars, family sedans, SUVs or small trucks. The game hasn’t got a license for real vehicles but they resemble their real-life counterparts. Your driving school operates in a large city, where you will be able to encounter each type of roads. From narrow one-way streets to high-speed multi-lane roads. An additional feature of the game is the option of driving on forest gravel, on motorways or racetracks.

How to Play City Car Driving Home Edition

The game puts stress on the simulated model of driving. As it is an educational game, the physics and behavior of vehicles on the road is very close to life. In City Car Driving a collision system has also been implemented that aims to make young drivers aware of what irresponsible driving can lead to. At the beginning of the game, there’s an interesting tutorial which reveals the secrets of driving for the future masters of the road. Basic examples of moving around and the explanation of the meaning of the road signs are shown in simple examples.

Traffic Regulations and Situations

Due to the nature of the game, it is very important to follow the rules of the road. The city was created in such a way as to simulate all the possible traffic situations that could possibly occur. Thus we have examples of different roundabouts, crossings with traffic lights and those without them. The devs have also taken care of the varied traffic, which simulates not only cars but also pedestrians. Unforeseen behaviors, such as failing to yield the right of way or pedestrians unexpectedly entering the road have also been added. The game has a daily cycle and variable weather, which allows you to learn in different road conditions.

It’s worth to note that the has supports a number of steering wheels. A simple location and car editor are also included. The graphic design is not the strongest point of this title but it doesn’t have to be. City Car Driving is a very good simulator and learning environment in which you can safely master driving a car under controlled conditions.

City Car Driving Home Edition
City Car Driving is a great car simulator, perfect for those who want to learn to drive or improve their skills. Download it now.
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