Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a downloadable indie simulation game developed by Fictiorama Studios and BadLand Games Publishing. The game was published by Alawar Premium and was officially released on 24th October 2018. The game basically features a storyline that involves the player peeping dozens of in-game characters and their daily activities. The concept of the game may remind some of you of the 1993 interactive movie Voyeur.

How to Download Do Not Feed the Monkeys

You can download the game from Steam by following the link at the bottom of the review. As of the time of writing, there is no Do Not Feed the Monkeys demo available. There used to be beta signup but now to download the game you have to part with your cash. Don’t worry – it’s definitely worth it!

The game has many endings so you might want to look online for a downloadable walkthrough.

The Game Review

The Gameplay

The main aim of the game depends on the player’s ambitions as they have the power to either perform actions that can manipulate the characters or simply watch how the characters naturally progress according to their built-in personalities. The game is available to play on Microsoft Windows and MacOS X.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a very basic game which features a single player storyline mode. Players are introduced to a club called “The Primate Observation Club” which has one specific goal to follow: keep a check on all activities through the screen monitors no matter how personal or weird they may turn out to be.

Although the other members of the club advise the player’s character to not mess with those they spy on, the player still has the option to manipulate information from one screen to another, thereby creating unique results. In simple terms, the players have complete control and have the power to ruin people’s lives as we know it.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys: the Game Mechanics

Moving on to the game mechanics, Do Not Feed the Monkeys offer a very wide range of gameplay experience in the sense that it gives the players a whole bunch of options to choose from.

Player characters can literally be compared to an in-game god who has the power to make or break everybody’s life. Although the goal is simple, the in-between process can turn out to become quite complex.

For every action, there is a reaction that occurs, so players have to think twice before making a decision that involves characters they are spying over. Apart from that, there are secondary options that the players can choose to pass time with such as browsing in-game social apps full of entertaining news and gossips about the Monkey universe.

These resources can also be used to gain knowledge about the individuals that the players are spying on and can be used accordingly to proceed with accurate results. Naturally, the game has several endings all dependant upon player actions. Either players can succeed in making everyone happy or can turn out to make it miserable for not just the monkeys that are being spied, but also for themselves.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys
Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a surveillance simulator in which you can either passively observe the life of many individuals or try to intervene where you think, things go wrong. Be careful as your choices will matter, no matter what you do.
9 Total Score
Do Not Feed the Monkeys Review Summary

Overall, Do Not Feed the Monkeys is an entertaining game, however, the content and theme of the game can only allow the player to play till a certain extent before they eventually become bored of it.

  • Entertaining as there are numerous unique stories related to every individual who is being watched
  • The game empowers the player by giving them the option to control many aspects throughout the gameplay experience
  • Different player action-based endings mean that every player gets a diverse ending experience
  • Although entertaining, the game sends a wrong message by constantly invading people's personal space...
  • ...but this is so much fun anyway!
User Rating: 4.25 (4 votes)
Fictiorama Studios, BadLand Games Publishing S.L.
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