Drug Dealer Simulator

Watching the trailer for Drug Dealer Simulator and then actually playing the game are two very different things. The trailer for this game gives off a kind of GTA vibe to it all, but the actual game is nothing like that at all. I am not saying this is a bad thing, but at the same time, I would recommend doing your homework on this game before making the purchase, especially if the trailer is what has you interested in.

How to Download Drug Dealer Simulator

To download the game, click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like felony simulators, check out also our review of Thief Simulator.

The Game Review

The goal of this game is pretty much in the title. You start as a small-time low-life who is just trying to make a few bucks selling weed and pills. You want more for your life and eventually, you start selling to gangs, dealing with cartels, and being on the hit list of the police that is patrolling what looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The first thing that caught my eye about Drug Dealer Simulator was the way it looked. The game has a kind of 80s movie look to it. It is the way they would make the rough parts of New York and Chicago look in movies back in the 80s. I kind of like it in all honesty and the look does set the tone very well. The sound, on the other hand, I could do without, the narrator likes to drop an F-bomb every three seconds and it just feels so forced.

A typical day will have you getting a message on your phone which is basically an order. Heading to your drug den you can get your order of what kind of drug and how much your customer wants. Now you can head to your drug-making wonderland and put their “package” of drugs together. This bit of the game is kind of fun and you better get your measurements right as I tried to give a guy one extra gram by mistake and he would not take it!

The dialogue when talking to people can get very strange. To be fair these are junkies we are dealing with so that is not all that surprising. I found it easy to deal with the random folks, but when you start dealing with drug cartels and big gangs who are dealing in massing quantities and big money, the game really opens up and keeps you on your toes.

This place is overrun by SWAT officers and they will stop you if they catch you and take any drugs or cash you have on you. For some strange reason a SWAT officer in full gear can run like a cheetah, but my bag with a couple of bags of drugs weighs me down! I found the running from the cops to be very frustrating and I hope this is something they fix.

In the trailer, they show gunfights and partying at a strip club! None of that is in the game. You are working towards getting as much money as you can and you can use this money to make your home nicer, but there is not an end goal here that you are actually working towards.

I think that Drug Dealer Simulator is a decent enough game, but I really wish I was playing the game the way the trailer made it look. This is a business management sim and a pretty decent one at that. I am sure they will be adding more stuff to the game (such as weed growing which looks fun) however I strongly advise you to watch and read as many reviews as possible before getting in on this.

Drug Dealer Simulator
Drug Dealer Simulator is a game that lets you start a virtual career in illegal drug trade. Download it now and see how good you are.
9 Total Score
Drug Dealer Simulator Review Summary

  • The idea of the game is fun
  • I liked the rough setting of the game
  • Dealing with gangs is pretty intense
  • I think the weed growing aspect will be cool
  • Sneaking around is way more challenging than you would think
  • The trailer I feel is very misleading
  • Outrunning the cops feels impossible
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