Eco is a fully simulated ecosystem in which you will see thousands of growing plants and thousands of animals. In the game, you create a civilization capable of stopping a huge meteor without destroying the natural environment.

Eco is a social game; the players are supposed to create laws, set up a government and manage the economy which actions will determine the success of their world. With the development of your civilization, you will have to analyze the data assessing what impact your actions have on your world. You will then be able to use these conclusions to once again change the legal provisions that will apply in your world. In this way, you will reduce harmful human activities without seriously hampering the development of technology.

How to Download Eco

To download Eco, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available for download in the early access system, which means that you can expect frequent updates.

The Game Review

In Eco, your job will be to balance your own needs as a leader with what society wants. All the time you will have to remember about the environment – it is so important because the future of your world is in your hands.

In the Eco world, you will build a civilization and exploit the natural resources of the environment, and thus all your actions will have a major influence on the world around you. There are a lot of challenges in the game but the main is to save the world from the meteor that threatens global destruction. Can you save the planet without destroying it during the process?

The game lets you raise buildings and create cities, develop agriculture, hunt for wild animals, build infrastructure and transport. You will build power plants and develop modern technologies. And that’s not all, you will also be able to specialize in various crafts and trade goods you have created with other players. In this way, you will develop your civilization and shape the planet.

Every organism in Eco is an important part of the detailed simulation. When something wrong happens to one species, it can cause a cascading effect on the entire planet. For example, if you cut all the trees, then the creatures’ habitats will be destroyed. If you contaminate rivers with waste, your farms will be poisoned and vegetation will not grow.

The ecosystem provides resources that you and your community will need to stop the meteorite. So your task will be to micromanage the level of pollution and waste, hunt game and collect resources so that your ecosystem is in perfect balance.

Strange Loop Games – a Clever idea for Games

The ambition of Strange Loop Games, the creator of the Eco game is to create a new type of educational games in which players are forced to reflect on life in society. The company cooperates with partners such as Amplify, developing community education and learning tools (Sim Cell, Codebreakers, and Cell Simulator). The cooperation with the American Department of Education assures that Eco receives financial resources. The main motive of Strange Loop Games is the desire to create games that at the same time will become social platforms. In such games, players become partners, create content and form a community that is deep and rich.

Scribbly Wits, another game by Strange Loop Games, is an example of this approach. It uses the existing strong bond of players in social networks and on mobile devices to create an attractive social game. Another strong idea in the company is based on the premise that games are an incredibly powerful tool, thanks to which you can achieve higher goals. Games can go beyond pure entertainment: they can educate, teach self-discipline, develop leadership skills and social communication. And Strange Loop Games has an experienced team to make their dreams come true (they employ former employees of Warner Brothers and EA).

Eco is a simulator of civilization, which you must develop to invent a technology able to stop the catastrophe associated with the approaching meteor. However, you must be careful not to destroy the ecosystem of your planet. Download the game and save the world.
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