Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a downloadable simulator created by Squad, the Mexican game studio. The title allows you to do what is says – to implement your own space program. All you need to do is build a rocket capable of carrying you,  the space probes and other specialized equipment onto orbit and then further into outer space. The idea seems simple, but the players have great possibilities.

How to Download Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program can be downloaded from Steam. There is also a free program demo available, which can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer’s website. It is also worth reaching for the free app Kerbalizer. This is an Android application on Google Play that allows you to create your own Kerbal alien. It is also worth remembering that there are a lot of free game mods which you can download from To start downloading the game, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Modes

The title offers three game modes: career, scientific and sandbox. In the career mode, you perform tasks that allow you to gain reputation and funds. The latter allows you to develop your facility and the technologies. This way you will be able to undertake more difficult and complex missions. And of course, you will be paid better. In the science mode, you conduct experiments in the solar system. You are rewarded with science points that give you the opportunity to unlock new rocket and equipment parts. The last option is the sandbox, which is an obvious choice in such games. This mode gives you immediate access to all the modules and to infinite funds. Then the game also does not punish you for failures and destruction of property. The only limitation is your imagination. This is where you get access to all the vehicles and the missions created by other players. You will find there reconstructions of real space rockets, vehicles from movies and other games, and even… cars.

How to Play the Kerbal Space Program – the Ultimate Guide

You start the game in each mode by assembling your own rocket in the hangar. A large number of parts and subassemblies are available. To bring your spaceship and the astronauts (the nice alien beings called Kerbals) into the orbit, you, first of all, need some engines. The ballast and heat shields are also useful. Solar batteries, communication antennas… it’s a bit heavy. Maybe more powerful engines or boosters? The game forces you to think. How to send your stuff into the orbit, how to do cheaply and often with limited technological progress. The physical engine which the game runs on makes all your constructions fly (or break down) as it should happen in reality.

When your ship is in the orbit of the Kerbal planet (which has two moons) as planned, you still have plenty of possibilities to continue your adventure. You can, for example, send probes to distant planets of the solar system to learn more about them. Once you acquire this knowledge, you will decide what to do next. You could send another probe, this time one that will travel on the ground or you can be brave and send the astronauts in a rover.

And finally – you build a base on the surface of the planet. There is also an option to create a space station composed of few space rockets. This way you will be able to refuel your other shuttles and supply them with oxygen. By controlling the rocket, you have access to all necessary components. You should take care of the level of fuel, of air (if the Kerbals are on board) and the right temperature. After all, you do not want your carefully designed ship to explode due to lack of heat shields. You can always get resources by catching asteroids. Or you can travel far, explore distant galaxies … The decision is yours! If you are interested in the cosmos, and your childhood dream was to become an astronaut, and any information about NASA missions gives you a thrill of excitement, this is a game you should try!

Kerbal Space Program
Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulator in which you conquer the cosmos with the help green humanoid aliens. Download the game. Create rockets, rovers and space planes.
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