LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds is a downloadable game which is yet another title in the series of adventures in the world of plastic bricks. The game is developed by Traveler’s Tales but it is slightly different from its predecessors. The player is thrown into a world made of blocks. We can modify it and destroy it and play with others in the multiplayer mode. The game, by its looks, is quite similar to Minecraft. The launch of LEGO Worlds took place on March 7, 2017, and we can enjoy it on PCs and Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switches. LEGO Worlds releases regular updates.

Download LEGO Worlds

For download from the Steam platform is paid, but if it turns out that after you buy it that the game does not meet your system requirements after all or the title is not something you like, you can get y our money back. Two conditions – play for less than two hours and return the game within two weeks. Then all the fun will be free.

LEGO Worlds – How to Play Guide

At the beginning of the game, you can customize your avatar, which is, of course, a plastic brick-man. You can edit every element of your character from hair to color to clothes. Then our hero is literally dropped on the map and that’s it. The only thing that will affect you is the place where your guy lands. At this point, all the fun begins. A randomly generated huge world appears in front of your eyes.

The controls in the game resemble that of other LEGO games. You can move in any direction and jump. The goal of the game is to build structures with bricks and interact with other players. This is an online game.

The Game Mechanics

LEGO Worlds is one big sandbox for the player. You receive a set of tools to destroy and build the world around you. You can construct vehicles, raise buildings, model landscapes and what have you. The only restriction is your imagination. On your way, we will see the buildings of other players, ass well as the procedurally generated towns and villages. During the game, you will explore underground tunnels and dungeons. The whole world is waiting for discovery, and you will uncover its hidden treasures and secrets. During your adventure, you will also encounter hostile creatures such as skeletons and other monsters. You will be given various weapons, from swords to rocket launchers. This huge world can be traversed on one of the available vehicles, or on the back of a LEGO animal.


The Graphics of LEGO Worlds

The graphics in the game are exactly what you would expect from the LEGO games series. Every element of the world is built of the Danish ricks. Of course, because of that, you will not find photorealism here, but the creators took care of the shading and the dynamic lighting. In the game, several LEGO sets can be found that are virtual copies of the real ones. The structures we create can be saved and shared. If LEGO bricks are one of the best creative toys, LEGO Worlds is its virtual counterpart.

LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds is an open world game which is created entirely from the Danish bricks. Download the game and become an inhabitant of this world.

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