Metro Simulator 2019

Before we get into this it is worth noting that Metro Simulator 2019 is in pretty early access right now so please keep that in mind. If you have always liked Casey Jones (the train not the dude from Ninja Turtles) and liked train simulator games. I feel that Metro Simulator 2019 offers enough new ideas to make it worthwhile.

How to Download Metro Simulator 2019

You can download the game from Steam. Check out also our review of another KishMish Games production Bus Driver Simulator 2019.

The Game Review

One of the things that I found quite interesting was how the game was set in the Moscow metro line. From what I understand the attention to detail here is great and currently (the game is in early access remember) you have two different lines that you can take control of a metro train on.

As well as there being two different lines, you also have two different types of train that you can drive. This does actually add to the replayability as each of the trains does have its own way of handling. The different knobs, dials and even the signs in the trains are all in Russian (for authenticity) but English text pops up to let you know what they say.

The presentation of Metro Simulator 2019 is good even in its early access state. I never had any performance problems like some people are reporting. The passengers and the train, in general, are very well detailed and I am sure if you are super into trains and stuff like this you will appreciate the attention to detail even more.

Gameplay wise there are different scenarios for you to do and these can be far more challenging than you would think. You have a points total and you need to drive the train properly or your points will be all gone! Let me tell you the first few times you play, those points will be gone before you know it.

You need to take control of the train and make sure you get to the next stop on time. Controlling the speed is a delicate balancing act and provides far more of a challenge than you would think so. Keeping passengers happy and not getting to a stop too early or late does provide a fair challenge.

There are plenty of other subway style games, most notably World of Subways and I do feel that if you like that style of game, Metro Simulator 2019 is a game for you. The game is still very early in early access so there is not a ton of content here. However, what is here is pretty fun and I do see a ton of potential for the future of this game.

So far, I do feel that Metro Simulator 2019 is worth the purchase. They are asking under 10 bucks for this and there is certainly a lot more content coming to the game. I get that these types of games are not for everyone, but there is a charm here and also a lot of fun. If train simulator games are your cup of tea, you will really enjoy what this game offers.

Metro Simulator 2019
Metro Simulator 2019 is a dream come true for every lover of the underground trains. Download it now and enjoy the ride.
8 Total Score
Metro Simulator 2019 Review Summary

  • It gives you information about the history of the Moscow subway
  • Two different trains to take control of
  • The two lines are quite well detailed
  • The overall presentation is good, even in early access
  • Train enthusiasts will really love this
  • So far not a ton of content
  • Can be hard to learn the basics
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