Bus Driver Simulator 2019

One of the more thankless tasks that helps any metropolitan area function is that of the public bus driver. These transportation specialists not only make sure we arrive at our destination on time but also safely and in relatively good order. Enter Bus Driver Simulator 2019.

Juggling multiple passengers’ needs as well as a complex schedule, the life of a bus driver seems like any other job. And while some of us probably couldn’t wait for the day to be over there is a subset out there in the gaming community that sees the job description for a bus driver and thinks: This will make a great game.

Such is the primary concept that underlies this simulation game in the vein of so many classic racers but, instead of besting opponents, you juggle the life and trials of being a bus driver.

How to Download Bus Driver Simulator 2019

The game is the successor to the previously reviewed Bus Driver Simulator 2018 or actually rebranded game because the original never left the early access phase. To download the game click on the Download button at the end of the review. There are also DLCs called Hungarian Legend, Soviet Legends, Old Legend, and European Minibus. Other notable bus simulator games include Bus Simulator 16, Bus Simulator 18, and the now classic Bus Driver.

The Game Review

Bus Driver Simulator 2019 is, as its name promises, a simulation of what it must be like to drive a bus in an urban area. This means that players will be tasked with all of the various things that come along with driving a bus in the city, such as sticking to a strict schedule, avoiding traffic incidents, obeying the law, and meeting passenger needs.

Employing realistic graphics that have a polish one would not expect from an indie title, this title from KishMish Games goes to great lengths to recreate the look and feel of what it would be like to drive a bus for a living.

The Journey in Russian Streets

Interestingly, Bus Driver Simulator 2019 prides itself on adhering to real-world bus models and offers players the chance to upgrade their rig to something else as they progress in the game. Earning money is easier said than done and basically amounts to completing tasks as a bus driver with minimal difficulty along the way. This means keeping your bus in good working order as well as filled with gas. The option to use European long-haul buses and old Soviet rigs is an interesting touch though players will probably find a few favorites that they stick to in the game.

Earning Money in Bus Driver Simulator 2019

This is because the business side of being a bus driver is always front and center in the game. You have to earn money to continue and you have to keep your bus filled with gas to earn money. It’s a cycle that feeds itself and leads to some interesting choices in the game (such as forgoing a rig upgrade). Introducing a kind of role-playing game-type grind mechanic into the game is not unwelcome, and in fact, probably heightens the simulation aspect of Bus Driver Simulator 2019, but it is jarring nonetheless when you see so many possibilities before you but have little hope of unlocking that.

Like many games, this simulator encourages mastery but doesn’t rely upon gimmicks to keep the game challenging. At its core, a challenging game, Bus Driver Simulator 2019 is about what players make of it at the end of the day.

Bus Driver Simulator 2019
Bus Driver Simulator 2019 lets you play as driver of a buys in the city streets. Download the game and start your career on the streets of a real city.
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