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So, it is early 2020 as I write this and so far Not For Broadcast is one of the most interesting games I have played. It is part puzzle, part mystery, part FMV and even part comedy all wrapped up into one. It is currently in early access and so far, there

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The Game Review

So, what is the premise of Not For Broadcast? Well, there is kind of two stories at play here, one sees you working at the TV station and the other is a more mystery-based and text-based game about your life. So far, the story does not go very far, but from what I understand your choices that you make will greatly affect how the game unfolds.

Let’s start with the main part of the game, the TV station. Here you have different camera angles and need to switch between them so that the story is engaging and makes sense for the viewers at home. The video here is great and the actors are legit awesome and I found myself laughing, even at the most inappropriate of times.

You need to keep an eye on what is happening. Switching between cameras is key here, you need to make sure that the camera is not on one person too long. You also need to do things like select what image to put up when someone is talking and even mute bad language. There is a lot going on here and you certainly have to multitask.

Another aspect is having to watch out for interference. Here you need to work the dial so that your news stays on the air. You even have to select what commercials to air and this can have an effect both negative and positive depending on what commercials you use. For such a simple idea of a game, there is a great deal to keep your eye on here.

The other aspect of the game is not quite as realized and this is about your home life. It has ties to a sinister government plot and you have to make hard decisions. Unfortunately, as the game is in early access, this does not really go anywhere just yet. However, the setup is certainly there and I am interested in what is going to happen.

They really do not make many games like this in this day and age. I think that Not For Broadcast is a breath of fresh air and I cannot wait for the next content update so I can see what happens next. It is a very well-made game that is far more challenging than you may think.

Not For Broadcast
Not For Broadcast is a simulator of a TV station. Download it now and make difficult choice what and who can get on air and what mustn't.
9 Total Score
Not For Broadcast Review Summary

  • The FMC sections are great and have a lot of humor
  • As well as being funny, there is a real sinister undertone here too
  • The gameplay has you needing to keep an eye on many things
  • I really enjoyed the mystery plot that was in the game too
  • The game has a very high-quality feel to it
  • There are only a couple hours of content here so far
  • How long until the next update?
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