OMSI 2 is a downloadable simulator game in which you play the role of a city bus driver who drives in Spandau district in Berlin. The title can boast a very accurate rendition of German streets and if the traffic rules. The title was created by MR Software.

How to Download OMSI 2: Steam Edition

The game can be downloaded from Steam.

The Vehicles and the Locations

The game lets us drive the real busses created by MAN. We sit behind the wheel of a chosen model of this vehicle and the choice is the following:

  • NL202,
  • the double-deckers SD200 and SD202,
  • and the articulated NG272.

The game has a lot of mods of the routes and the bussed. For example, we can drive in the Polish city if Wrocław. In the vehicles, we will be able to admire different technologies such as the display which informs the passenger about the bus route. During the game, we chose the bus line on which we will drive and thus do our job.

OMSI 2 requires us to drive according to public transport timetable. We need to be punctual in order not to be late.

While we are on the bus we can notice what is going on inside the vehicle. It is possible because of the many cameras which we can also freely move to observe whatever we wish. it is done with the mouse. We can also electronically open the windows in order to get some fresh air into the bus.

Our city monster can is most convenient to drive from the first-person perspective view. Then we have comfortable access to all the levers and switches during the ride. We will find there even the cash register for selling tickets

OMSI 2: it’s Details that Count

Driving the bus is realistic – for example in order to start the engine we need to turn the key.  The sounds we hear during the rise are also believable. Even the sound of the glass windows being open sounds like the real thing. The German studio has done its best and created all these minute details with accuracy.

Next, to the steering wheel, we will find the computer the onboard computer which controls what information is being displayed and informs us about our route. In order for this machine to work, we need to type in the secret code which we obtain at the beginning of our work. When we drive to pick the passengers at a bus stop we are responsible for a number of things. We need to:

  1. open the doors,
  2. send them tickets,
  3. give them their change,
  4. close the door,
  5. drive again

Selling the tickets is a nice diversion from driving. Still, we are not forced to do this. We can check the option so it would be done automatically if we’d rather focus on the ride. Our tasks while driving include also watching the weather conditions and how they affect the road and acting according to the traffic regulations. Because of this, we’re often late when the red light catches us on the junction.

OMSI 2 is a game made especially for the fan and the lovers of buses but it will be played with pleasure also by other players curious about this type of game. It will surely bring in a lot of fun and will teach about what it takes to be a bus driver. People interested in the game can also try other bus simulations titles such as Bus Simulator 16 and Fernbus Simulator.

OMSI 2 is a bus simulator for which many interesting mods have also been created. Download it now and go for the streets ride.
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