Police Simulator: Patrol Duty

What Police Simulator: Patrol Duty is really is in the name. Do not go into this game thinking that you are going to be playing something like GTA, but from a cop’s point of view. The whole idea of this game is to try and give a more “realistic” feel of what it is like to be a police officer.

How to Download Police Simulator: Patrol Duty

You can get the game from Steam. To start, click on the Download button located below this review. Check out also our review of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers.

The Game Review

The game starts by having you pick between two hotshot police cadets. You can play as either Rachel or Phil. No matter who you pick when you start playing, you need to head to the right department to pick up your equipment. Your gun, light and so on are all here and you need to select what you need for your day on duty.

Police Simulator: Patrol Duty works on a thing called a conduct score. If your conduct score gets too low because of your actions, you get arrested. I pulled my gun out in the police station and I got arrested! You cannot play the role of a dirty cop in this game as it will get you arrested. So, if you pull someone over and take any cash, they have on them…. Well, that is not going to go down well.

I know that “simulator” is in the name of the game. However, I do feel that allowing you to play as a “bad” cop who breaks the rules and does not care would have been kind of cool. When you start your shift, you have a few different police assignments that you can do. Most of the time you go around your town looking for cars or perps.

As you are a cop though, that is just the tip of the iceberg. You get calls over your scanner for more serious “jobs”. Robberies, car chases, drug deals and so on. I will not lie, it is really exciting when you are doing a routine traffic stop and get a call to bust some major drug dealer.

Let me tell you being a cop is one heck of a hard job in this game. As well as making arrests and dealing with bad guys, collecting evidence and calling in backup like an ambulance is part of your job. The thing with this is that it is not implemented that well. For example, you collect the evidence, drop it off, but never find out what came out it. Also, the game can glitch out when calling in an ambulance which is super annoying.

You rise through the ranks and the missions you get become harder. What is kind of annoying is the time limit you have to do some of these in is super tight. I have had an occasion when I was chasing down a drug dealer and my shift ended and I had to stop the mission!

Police Simulator: Patrol Duty is a game that I really wanted to like and actually I did have some fun with it. I just feel that if the game was a little less, let’s just say uptight. That it would be a much more fun game for it. Still, the idea of playing a more realistic police officer is pretty cool so if that sounds interesting to you, check it out.

Police Simulator: Patrol Duty
Police Simulator: Patrol Duty will let you play as an American policeman on the US streets. Download it now and see if you're up to the task.
8 Total Score
Police Simulator: Patrol Duty Review Summary

  • The game looks pretty good
  • Rising through the ranks is fun
  • It is exciting when you get to take on harder assignments
  • Two characters to play as
  • It does have a co-op mode that sounds fun
  • A few annoying technical glitches
  • It is very strict on you playing out any bad cop fantasies
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