Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is an open world downloadable game in early access. Some of its features make it similar to such titles as Minecraft, Terra-Tech, and Besiege. Your goal is to become a cross between an architect and an engineer to create crazy cars out of 100 parts in your inventory.

How to Download Scrap Mechanic. Is There a Demo?

If you want to try the game, you can download it from Steam. To download the game, click the button at the end of the review. The game is in early access, so you can consider it as a sort of a demo of the final product, however, to play it you have to pay for it.

Is There a Plot?

The plot in Scrap Mechanic is at the moment of writing secondary because the planned Survival mode is not in the game yet. Still, it should be mentioned that our protagonist’s task is to take care of the agricultural robots on a remote planet. Basically, he will have to send the food that they produce out. However, there is trouble. The hero’s ship crashes on the planet, meanwhile, it turns out that the robots went a bit haywire. Now it’s a game of survival.

Before we will be able to experience the Survival mode all we have to do is to play Creative Mode. In it, our goal is to have fun and build vehicles out of 100 parts that are at our disposal. Among them, one can find skull signs, tubes join, big wheels, ordinary wheels, brick blocks, bearings, buttons, sensors, controllers and the like.

Scrap Mechanic Mechanics

What is a bearing for example? Well, everything that you place on a bearing is going to revolve. So it will come handy when you think of wheels. What is more, the bearings can also be connected to an engine or the driver’s seat. Thus they can be controlled in different ways. Consequently, a controller allows bearings to rotate in sequence. This alone is perfect for building awesome transforming creations. The controller needs to be connected to bearings. It is activated by connecting a trigger or driver’s seat to the controller.

Witch such awesome tools at our disposal we can, for example, create vehicles with thrust engines which will be activated in sequence. And this might allow for a pretty incredible movement.

So how do we build our first vehicle? For that, we need a lift. This will let us feel as if we were playing Car Mechanic Simulator. We will be able to build our vehicle on a platform and the attach wheels underneath. Each vehicle is created from blocks Minecraft-style. Then we place the required bearings, wheels, driver’s seat and gas engine. All that is assembled with our trusty connect tool.

And we’re ready to test-drive our first creation. If the world’s physics prove that our vehicle is unstable we can attach bigger wheels or even add an additional row of training wheels so the car does not easily trip over. An off-road suspension can be of use as well in such a case.

The Game Controls and the Review

The game is easily controlled by a combination of keyboard keys and mouse. For example, we move our hero with WSAD keys and we control the camera with a mouse wheel. We can also jump, sprint, crouch and last by not least, access our inventory to create our crazy stuff on wheels. The game can be played solo as well as with other players online.

MadDownlaod gives Scrap Mechanic a review note of 8.5/10

Scrap Mechanic
Scrap Mechanic is a game that allows you to unleash your creativity. Armed with 100 parts you can create different vehicles and test their behavior in an open world environment.
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