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I have to start by saying that 100 percent Signal Simulator is a game that is not for everyone. Most people are used to simulator style games being slow-paced, but this one requires a certain type of person to unlock what makes it special. Every wanted to work for SETI and help prove that there are extraterrestrials out there? Well, this is the game for you.

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The Game Review

I love sci-fi so this game did appeal to me. You may have visions of being someone like Fox Mulder and solving all kinds of cases that will prove the truth is out there! That could not be any further from what Signal Simulator is offering. You play as a person who works in an observatory that is trying to find and decode signals from outer space.

Most of what you will be doing in this game is a great deal of mundane tasks. I am talking about things like making sure the solar panels are clean, things are plugged in right, and “fishing” for data so that you can see if a signal is legit. There is a fair bit of waiting around for stuff to happen in this game, but that is something I like.

This is exactly what I imagine working in a place like this would be like. It makes the times you do get a signal even more spectacular. Some of the signals are freaking weird and feel really out of place, but I can overlook those ones. There is quite a bit to do in terms of getting a signal.

You have to find the right frequency, locate the coordinates signals are coming from, collect data, examine data, and deal with stuff going wrong in the facility. The game for some reason even lets you import your own videos that you can watch on a little TV to make it feel like you are really at work.

The presentation is pretty barebones, but I liked it. One weird thing is that this game made the fan on my PC go super crazy. This is a simulation game in every sense of the word, that is why I feel it is not for everyone. There is a pretty awesome “encounter” if you get far enough in the game that made my jaw hit the floor, but it takes a long, very long time to get there.

I have always had an interest in aliens and the process of finding them. You have to be interested in that too in order to get any enjoyment out of this game. This is a slow burn and I mean a very slow burn. Those who dig this kind of thing will like it and stick through the slow beginnings. The majority of people I feel will just give up after a couple of hours.

Signal Simulator
Signal Simulator is a game in which you, as a scientist, try to discover alien life in outer space. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Signal Simulator Review Summary

  • I love the premise of this game
  • It is strangely calming just doing your everyday tasks
  • Getting a legit signal is exciting stuff
  • The encounter is amazing
  • If you have an interest in aliens this game is for you
  • The game is very, very slow
  • Some of the signals are too goofy and feel out of place
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