Simulacra 2

I am so numb to the world of mobile gaming that it takes something pretty special to make me take notice. Simulacra 2 is a game that fits gaming on a phone perfectly and it is one of the most interesting games I have played in quite some time. While the previous game could also be played on a console, so far this is mobile and PC only.

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The Game Review

Maya Crane is an “influencer” who has died in a very mysterious manner, getting to the bottom of what happened is what Simulacra 2 is all about. When the game starts, you can pick one of two characters. You can play as a skeptical cop or as an investigative journalist looking to find the truth.

The way that you find out what happened to Maya is all through her phone. It is kind of weird playing this on your phone as the “game screen” is just like a real phone. This means that this is a game that pretty much everyone will be able to figure out right away. The game has you looking through the phone to discover what went wrong.

When you are doing your actual detective work the game is very clever. You look through her messages, emails, videos, comments, apps, and so on as you try to piece together the sinister force that caused her death. The idea of this is very clever and, in some ways, it reminds me of that movie, Searching which was released a couple of years back.

The presentation of the game is fantastic. There are many videos that you watch and I felt that the actors did a pretty damn good job of making you believe what is going on. Not many games go for this style these days so I thought this was really cool.

The actual phone screen you use is neat too, but there are times you will need to write stuff down and you do not have a virtual notepad, so you have to use a pen and paper or if your memory is better than mine I guess you can try and just remember it. I though think some kind of virtual notepad is the only thing they really missed out on here.

As you have two playable characters there are two ways that the story can unfold. While the “mystery” is the same the way it happens is different depending on the character. So, while the game is short, you do have a reason to go back and play through it a couple of times, but I am not sure you would do this more than that.

Simulacra 2 is a damn fine game and one of the best mobile games I have played in years. While you can play it on PC, I do feel that as the game is set on a mobile phone that is the best way to go. Be sure to check this one out if you like a good mystery and some horror sprinkled over the top of your games.

Simulacra 2
Simulacra 2 is a detective horror game in which you solve a mystery using a simulated mobile phone interface. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Simulacra 2 Review Summary

  • I thought the story was great
  • The acting is pretty solid
  • It has a sinister and haunting soundtrack
  • Two playable characters
  • It is a mobile game that is actually worth playing
  • It could have used some kind of virtual notepad
  • Not much reason to play it more than two times
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