SPORE is one of the many creations of Will Wright (the author of SimCity series, SimEarth, SimCopter, SimAnt and the Sims). The game was released in 2008 and designed for the PCs working under Windows operating systems. SPORE demo is also available, so we can try this game free of charge. Just as Wright’s previous games SPORE is all about creating a civilization. What makes this game different is a unique mechanics and a unique theme.

How to Download SPORE

To download the game click on the Download button. You will find it at the end of this review. The game is available for download from GOG.com and Steam.

The Game Mechanics

The plot of SPORE concentrates on evolution. Our task is to develop one-cell organisms and over the millennia turn them into humanoid conquerors of the planet. The game is divided into several stages, each of them shows our little creation on a different stage of the evolution. Our pet, like every living creature, has to eat and avoid being eaten. As we make progress, we gain control over the whole populations of such creatures.

The game mechanics at each stage are quite different. In the beginning, we play a game which resembles the classic Pac-Man. We eat other creatures, trying at the same not to be eaten by larger ones.

When a stage ends, we get access to a creature creator where we can freely modify our animal. We can add appendages, mouths, etc. The game then makes calculations on how our creations are going to move. But this is just the beginning. Once our creature evolves and we receive control over the whole tribe, the game starts to resemble the titles such as Civilization. At this point, we can control the whole of our population by raising structures in our city. In time, our people will be even able to explore the space and conquer alien planets.

A Mixture of Genres

As we can see SPORE is a mixture of other Wright’s games. He tried to combine the best elements of his previous efforts and make quite probably the most elaborate game in his career. The player can in fact to in SPORE a lot of things that do not allow him to be bored with the game.

SPORE is played in a 3D environment but instead of focusing on the world more stress was put into the modeling of the creatures. We indeed have a lot of shapes to choose from. Despite the graphics, which might seem very basic childish to some, Spore is entertaining for the players of any age. The most important aspect of the game are the creatures created by the players. How outlandish or funny they are going to look depends 100% on us.

It’s really difficult to compare SPORE to any other game. It’s neither like The Sims nor like Civilization. Although it takes from many other genres and games, it is definitely an innovative title. It proves that combining genres can yield great results.

SPORE is a strategy game where we take control of a race of creatures who evolve and conquer the worlds. Download it now.
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