Streamer Life Simulator

I had a lot of fun with YouTubers Life and to a lesser extent the PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator game too. So, when I heard about Streamer Life Simulator being a first-person style of game my interest was very high. If you have always wondered if you have what it takes to be the ultimate streamer, this game could give you just a little taste of that world.

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The Game Review

Streamer Life Simulator starts you off at the very bottom. You live in a less than great area, have a pretty average PC and all you really have is your dreams of streaming stardom. The whole point of the game is you working towards being a popular and rich streamer who is also a great gamer too.

The premise of the game is one that I can certainly get behind. The whole aim of getting followers, making money, moving house, and getting better equipment is one I thought was pretty cool. While the idea of the game is great, the execution of what is on offer here is rough around the edges, and me saying that is being very, very kind.

The presentation of the game is very, very poor. If I had to compare the look of this game to another it would be Postal 2! The whole game has a very basic and low-quality look to it and there is some serious pop-in that happens when you are driving around. I would not say that it looks “bad” however, it does look like a game that could have been released many years ago.

Being able to move around in the first-person is kind of cool. You are able to interact with a ton of stuff in the game. This actually plays into what you are doing as you can search for stuff and then sell it so you make a bit extra cash. On your computer, you have many different options for when it comes to streaming.

You can play basic games with the most notable one reminding me of Goldeneye (but not as good) on the Nintendo 64. As well as trying to make money via your streaming, you can also enter gaming competitions as well to show that you are the best gamer in the world which is great for your bragging rights.

I think that there are some good ideas here with Streamer Life Simulator, but the whole game has a very unfinished feel to it. In my research about the game, I found out that this developer is known for releasing games and then just dumping them. So, I am not sure if there is going to be any more updates.

If you look online, a lot of people do not have many kind words to say about this game. I have certainly played worse, but I feel I saw all this had to offer after about 60 minutes. The asking price for this game for what it is feels very steep to me. If you want to play a game like this, it may be older, but YouTuber’s Life is still way more fun.

Streamer Life Simulator
Streamer Life Simulator is game that you can play on your mobile and desktop. Download it now and have fun.
8 Total Score
Streamer Life Simulator Review Summary

  • The premise of the game is good
  • You can walk around in first-person
  • You can actually do some gaming while you stream
  • Finding stuff to sell is interesting
  • The bones for something cool are here
  • The game looks very, very basic
  • The asking price considering the quality is very high!
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