Train Station Renovation

From Theme Park to Jurassic World Evolution. Games, where I am in charge of making some kind of “business”, have always interested me. Train Station Renovation is a game that does exactly what the name suggests. In my opinion, this is a game that is very similar to something like House Flipper which was released a little while back.

How to Download Train Station Renovation

You can download the game from Steam. You should know that there are two additional Train Station Renovation downloads you might want to try. And both of them are free! They are:

  • Train Station Renovation First Job – a prologue to the game
  • TSR Demo

And if you like renovating check out also our review of House Flipper and Garden Flipper.

The Game Review

Before I start, I must let you know that this game is still in pretty early access. Also, you might want to check out Train Station Renovation – First Job which you can download for free as a bit of a taster to see if this is for you. The version of the game that I have just played is certainly far from complete with many more features said to be added.

The idea of the game is quite simple. You are in charge of a company that specializes in train station renovations. You start off with smaller strain stations in more out of the way towns. Eventually, you build your way up to taking care of train stations in massive cities! So the level of progression in the game is quite smart.

The way each “mission” works is that you have objectives that you need to complete. These range from picking up trash, cleaning, repairing items, and moving stuff around. You are always working towards getting money and points. This way you can buy new equipment and upgrade the stuff you have that will make your life easier.

You do not have to do every little thing in each train station to progress to the next one. However, I found myself wanting to 100 percent each train station as I found the whole thing rather relaxing. Well, apart from moving big items through doors that is! I could only play the game with keyboard and mouse and moving some of the larger objects around to get them out of a door was a tad annoying on occasion.

One area of the game that is quite clever is recycling. You have to garbage cans that are used to put trash in. One for everyday junk and there is another for recycling. It is on you to pay attention to what you are doing so that you are actually recycling. This is not some eco mission they are on to spread the word or recycling. Nope, you do this to make money!

At the moment things in the game are quite basic and I have had some people say this is more of a tech demo. I would not go that far and I would say that there is enough promise here to make this a worthwhile purchase. I for one and very interested to see what new stations, trains, cleaning items, and jobs they add to this game.

Train Station Renovation
Train Station Renovation is a game in which your job is to make old ruined transactions look beautiful and modern. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Train Station Renovation Review Summary

  • The idea of the game is great
  • If you enjoy games like House Flipper, you will enjoy this
  • Each train station feels like it is teaching you something new
  • The presentation is way better than you would think
  • Apart from moving large stuff through doors, the game is rather relaxing
  • Using the keyboard and mouse all the time is a bit of a pain
  • It feels like there is a lot more to be added to make this a full game
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