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Tube Tycoon is a downloadable simulator. In the game, you play as a YouTuber who wants to become a celebrity. Don’t fret, even though it is is quite a challenge in real life in Tube Tycoon, if you play well, you will achieve your goal much easier. Tube Tycoon has been developed by the Polish Teal Fire studio and released in March 2018. It combines strategy and simulation. This is a mandatory title for all fans of social media.

How to Download Tube Tycoon

To download the game, click on the Download button at the end of the review. You can download the game from Steam.

The Gameplay

We will not delve here much into describing how real YouTube works. Let’s just say you record a lot of videos and you become famous if they are watched enough. In the game by Teal Fire, you will get a unique opportunity to do the same. Tube Tycoon lets you create a virtual YouTube account. With it, nothing will stop you and you will eventually become the most renowned video content creator. As has already been told, the main goal of the game is to gain fame and of course the biggest number of channel subscriptions possible. The author of the game, Maciej “Bionicl” Maj, has given his best to very carefully reproduce such features of the site as the video likes and dislikes or the ability to read the comments of the fans. Many of the smallest YouTube interface details are also in the game, such as the movie loading bar or the page refresh icon.

The advantage of the game is its simplicity and also the clear goals set for the player game. Pretty soon you can get to know all the secrets of YouTube movie production just by playing. When trying to reach your goal you will have all the tools and opportunities which real YouTubers have.

The creator of the game gives you different possibilities as far as the video content goes. You can create vlogs or video guides. To make your channel popular, you can ask other celebrities to promote your recordings. Getting channel subscriptions in Tube Tycoon is as absorbing and interesting as is in its real-life counterpart.

The graphics interface in the game is confusingly similar to the one in the popular movie site. It’s made so well and looks so real that most of us at the beginning will have doubts whether this is not the real deal. The colors, the layout, properly selected fonts, and even notifications make it sometimes difficult to distinguish the game from reality.

In this title, you can feel the thrill of becoming increasingly popular. There are not many similar products on the market that would simulate social networks, although of course, we have to mention another YouTube simulator called Youtubers Life.

Tube Tycoon is an original and extremely interesting and addictive game that will surely attract many players. The game gives you the opportunity to experience what 99% of internet users will never experience – the thrill of becoming famous. Tube Tycoon is a title designed for all the players regardless of age or gender. Many have dreamt of becoming a star of this social network and many have failed in doing so. Here’s another chance.

In the beginning, you choose a career path, that is what kind of video material you will be recording. Then you choose a specific type of production, for example, a game from which you will record let’s play. You can choose your own title for each movie. During the game, you upgrade your video recording equipment, adding better headphones, directional microphone, lighting, green screen, or a single-lens reflex camera.

During the course of your career, you watch the channels of your friends, checking at the same time which of them is doing the best – how often his films are watched and how many subscribers he has.

The comments from the fans appear under every video you record. You can give likes to the users who write them. For the success of your business, a thorough analysis of the trends is needed. The available popularity charts will help you with this, just as on the real website. All the time you have to take care of the financial side of your venture and decide whether, for example, you can afford faster internet, and fast internet means, quicker movie uploads and less risk of the movie being corrupted in the upload process.

Tube Tycoon – the Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements are very easy to meet. To run Tube Tycoon, all you need is a dual-core processor with 2 GHz and 2GB of RAM. The disk space you need to install the game is mere 160 MB.

Tube Tycoon
Tube Tycoon is a career simulator for the creators of video content. Download the game and become an idol watched by millions of fans.
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