Universe Sandbox ²

Universe Sandbox ² is the second part of the program created by Giant Army that allows you to simulate, in accordance with the laws of physics, the properties of the cosmos and the celestial objects contained within it. With the mouse, you can change the parameters of planets, create new planets and other celestial bodies and make them collide. Perfect for the fans of demolition. The program has also a VR version that supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

How to Download Universe Sandbox ²

Universe Sandbox ² can be downloaded from the Steam platform. To download the Universe Sandbox ², click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

As Universe Sandbox ² is a sandbox title, it does not impose any specific challenges and tasks on the players. From the very start of the game, you can do what you want. Nothing limits you, you can do everything your heart desires.

The game, using physics and scientific facts, from its beginning gives you great opportunities as far as the creation of the universe is concerned. It enables you to recreate the process of planet formation from hydrogen, iron, minerals, and water. It allows you to bombard the planets with asteroids, which changes their surface, and you can create supernovae, changing the mass or age of the stars. With a multitude of settings and options, you can control the force of gravity, and the temperature.

Maybe you want to create a black hole? Or better, check what happens when the Moon falls (for some unknown reason) on our Blue Planet? Surely you once considered such a scenario in your head, now you can check what it looks like in reality.

The creators of the game provide a lot of tools, only you and your imagination decide what use you will make of them. And even if you run out of ideas, the developers have created historical simulations that allow you to expand your knowledge of the cosmos. Now you can trace the flight of space probes, such as Juno and New Horizon, as well as witness the formation of the solar system. The title is perfect not only for students but also teachers and all those who are fascinated by the cosmos. Unforgettable impressions guaranteed.

The program is updated with newer missions in line with NASA’s achievements. Universe Sandbox ² is also suitable for learning about space and the changes that take place in it. The game shows what effects even the smallest interventions in our solar system might cause. You can check everything and see for yourself. The subject of global warming as well as climate change, in general, is also discussed. And what affects these phenomena is shown in details. Using the program, you can easily understand what the ecologists around the world are raving about.

If you are interested in the universe and its laws, it is a game just right for you. And even if you are not a keen explorer of the secrets of the cosmos, this might be a great way to become one. No specialist knowledge or skills are required. The world is your playground and it’s entirely up to on you what you will do with it. So get your hands dirty!

Universe Sandbox ²
Universe Sandbox ² is a simulator of the motion astronomical objects in which you can make the stars and the planets collide. Download the game and become a celestial architect.
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