Walking Simulator

Walking Simulator is a free-to-play game on Steam. One of the things that are great about this is that if you get it, you will love it. If you do not, you will wonder just what the heck the point of this thing is! As far as I know, more is coming to this game, but as of right now there is only one “area” in the game.

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The Game Review

There is a story to the game and it is actually set in modern time…. The coronavirus has taken over the world and you are the last delivery person there is still working. You need to deliver packages to the most remote places on the planet and you are the only one who can get this job done.

Look, Walking Simulator is not meant to be taking seriously. This is clearly a parody and poking fun at Death Stranding and it does it in a great way. The game is very physics-based and once you pick up a package and try to move around with it, you will be laughing, but also getting frustrated at the physics. This is really the point of the game.

The vehicles in the game are hilarious. I once came across a truck and thought that it was the answer to my prayers. Well, it turns out the handling and physics re all over the place and I lost all my packages and flipped the truck! It is the kind of thing that sounds frustrating, but it was so funny I did not mind.

With that in mind. I feel if you try and play Walking Simulator as a “serious” game you are not going to have a good time. Just take the game for what it is and do what you can and laugh. That is what this game is about, it is about having a good time and poking a bit of fun at more serious and dare I say “pretentious” games like Death Stranding.

There are other vehicles as well as the truck that you can get. The snowmobile and the jetpack lead to more hilarity. However, sometimes just nail the physics and manage to get a package pretty far and you feel like the greatest gamer ever!

One of the most amusing things that I came across in the game is the explosions. These are just nuts. We have all seen explosions in games before, but this one takes things to the next level. Let’s say your truck blows up, you will be sent hundreds…. possibly thousands of feet in the air.

If you ask me, Walking Simulator is the kind of game that for those that get it, it is great. It is not a serious game at all and if you like games that poke fun at things and do not take themselves seriously you will have fun with this. At the end of the day, it is free so you really have nothing to lose.

Walking Simulator
Walking Simulator is a simulation game about a delivery man in the times of coronavirus diseased. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Walking Simulator Review Summary

  • It is a funny parody
  • The snow effects look decent
  • Different vehicles for you to use
  • It is going to make you laugh
  • The physics are pretty nuts
  • There is not really much to it
  • I am not sure when the two other areas are going to be added
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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