FIFA 15 saw the light of day on the 23rd September 2014. The game was originally released on many of the modern consoles at the time, such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, 3DS, and PS Vita. It also became available for download on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. Last but not least it could be also enjoyed by the PC users as well. Developed by Electronic Arts, the same team behind all of the previous FIFA titles, along with many other AAA games, such as Battlefield, Mass Effect, Titanfall, and The Sims.

How to Download FIFA 15

To download FIFA 15 hit the Download button at the end of the review. You can obtain the game. As of the time of writing this is the earliest title in the series that can be download so be quick because for example FIFA 14 ceased to become available as a download. Who knows how long EA will want to be selling FIFA 15.

The Game Review

Similar to many sports games, there isn’t any sort of story mode or campaign to play through. FIFA 15 is all about the gameplay, and the addictive nature of its ease to control and overall enjoyment to play, regardless of whether or not the player is a massive fan of football.

The gameplay for the FIFA series has once again remained mostly unchanged. Regardless of the platform that the game is being played on, players can still pass, shoot, perform tricks, sprint, and do everything the previous titles allowed without much deviation.

In terms of changes, the biggest differences are the inclusions of new stadiums, newer and more up-to-date football players, and access to everything the Premier League has to offer. FIFA 2015 was the first game where EA was able to sign a deal with the Premier League to be fully licensed by them.

Alongside the usual game modes of exhibition and online, Ultimate Team makes another return.

What is it?, you might ask.

With Ultimate Team, players start off with bronze-rated footballers, the type of player that doesn’t have much recognition at the time, and then using that team to upgrade every aspect of a player’s personal team. The players, the kits, the home stadium, and even the very tactics they use can all be changed around at the drop of a hat.

Thanks to the in-game auction house, players can buy and sell a number of different items between each other to either make some extra money to buy that illustrious dream team pack or use that new cash to finally purchase Lionel Messi, the cover player for that year.

Are the graphics any good?

Visually, the game had been improved from the previous year, but the overall visuals aren’t particularly outstanding by today’s standards. At the time, however, the visuals conveyed the player’s ideally and made it incredibly easy to point out anyone’s favorite player without much work. Some of the lesser known players don’t have quite as much work done to them, though, but for the most part, they are still recognizable.

Any other good soccer games out there?

When it comes to comparisons, there’s no stronger comparison than the previous FIFA games, as EA design each and every one of them to be stronger than the last. With each one they release, it comes with updated everything and that’s what makes it one of the premier football games out there, right next to PES.

Any football or sports fan out there is going to find a lot to enjoy with FIFA 15. The game has so much to offer for the average player and for anyone that’s actually played the Ultimate Team game mode, they know just how easy it is to lose hours upon hours in that one singular part of the game.

FIFA 15 is a fantastic soccer simulator. Download it and enjoy controlling Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.
8.5 Total Score

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