PES 2016 – Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (also known as PES 2016) is a simulation game based on the sports of football. The game is developed and published by Fox Engine and Konami and was released on 15th September 2015. It is the 15th edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

How to Download PES 2016 – Pro Evolution Soccer

To download the game click on the Download button located at the end of the review. If you like football games, you should also download and check out PES 2016 competitor – FIFA 16 or any of its later editions like FIFA 18 or FIFA 19. Of course last but not least, there are also newer downloadable PES versions, why not go for PES 2019?

The Game Review

The game features an environment where players get to select their favorite football teams, both international and domestic, and play as their favorite football stars. The main aim is to compete against opponents in a football match and score more goals than them with the standard football rules applied. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is available to play on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Pro Evolution Soccer features both single-player and multiplayer modes. In the main menu, players who are playing for the first time are required to set up their controls and select their most likable team which are then saved as part of the settings. The main menu modes allow the player to choose from a wide variety of game modes. In the offline version, players can select the exhibition mode where they can play a friendly match against the AI or their friends in co-op.

Offline tournaments include UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Copa Libertadores, COPA Sudamericana, AFC Champions League, and the international World Cup. In all of these modes, players have the option to either play with one or more teams, as per their requirements and suitability. In the online version, the game offers a very unique experience as it features a game mode called the Online Division.

In this particular game mode, players start off at the base division where they compete against other players of the same level. Players gain ranking points every time they defeat an opponent and eventually rise up to the next division. Each division forward features more experienced players thereby making the competition more intense.

Apart from that, players can take part in an online competition called myClub. In the myClub mode, players assemble their own dream team consisting of their favorite players taken from different leagues and clubs. The football stars selected can even be traded off to other players in exchange for new ones in the form of trading cards.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 features a very detailed in-game environment where player characters can perform a wide range of actions. Starting from the basic shoots and passes, the vast controls can enable features like trick shots, header passes, finesse shots, and increased ball control. The game itself features over 24 stadiums and has licensed rights for stadiums including San Siro, St., Jakob-Park, Old Trafford, Allianz Arena, and Juventus Stadium.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is very similar to FIFA 16 in every perspective. Both the games feature very similar graphics and gameplay, such, that the two franchises are often compared to each other in every aspect.

Overall, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 was received with very positive views from most of its fans and critics. Most companies praised the game and even went as far as claiming that this was the best football game release of 2015-16. The incredibly lifelike graphics combined together with some intense competition and gameplay makes the game very addictive.

PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is a great soccer simulator that will let you experience the thrills of playing a great football game. Download it now and score.
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