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Do you remember 60 Seconds!? Well, 60 Parsecs! is a downloadable game which is clearly a comic edition of the acclaimed 60 Seconds! strategy from the Polish developer Robot Gentleman. So what’s the deal? Well, one of the most popular genres to emerge in the past five years is that of survival games. Whether trapped in the woods or leading a village to success, survival games rely upon a harsh environment and the crafty management of time and resources in order for the player to succeed.

In titles like Banished, it is about keeping your village afloat no matter what mother nature throws your way. In games like Rust, the objective is much the same albeit on a much more personal level.

How to Download 60 Parsecs!

The game can be downloaded from Steam. before doing so be sure to watch the trailer to get the idea what the game is all about. The release date of the game is September 18, 2018, so it is coming out three years and four months later after the initial 60 Seconds!

The Game Characters

According to the official game wiki 60 Parsecs! has five know characters. They are:

  • Baby Bronco – a young male with red hair.
  • Deedee Dawkins – a blonde-haired lady. Likes coffee.
  • Emmet Ellis – a brown-haired man who is a chemistry teacher
  • Maegan Mann – an elderly woman with black hair, large hips. She’s wearing glasses
  • Tom Thomson – a brown-haired man with an eyepatch

60 Parsecs! Review

In 60 Parsecs!, a game inspired by the same Atomic Age pop culture as games like Fallout, you are put in charge of a group of survivors that have to make it against all odds in an unforgiving environment.

With your crew of hardy survivors, you are tasked with keeping the train going in 60 Parsecs! and this involves everything from resource gathering and management to crafting new supplies as they are needed.

The Comic Moments

Sporting a comical though appropriate graphical style, 60 Parsecs! will be immediately familiar to fans of classic Saturday morning cartoons from the 1980s and 1990s. In terms of gameplay and general layout, there are moments where 60 Parsecs! Reminds players of the classic click-based adventures on the PC like Return to Zork and Myst.

Underpinned by a darkly comical premise, 60 Parsecs! begins with you escaping from nuclear armageddon with only sixty seconds to choose your crew that you will use to help lead humanity to salvation. Ostensibly tasked with finding a new home in the wake of the destruction of the Earth, a lot of the narrative centers around how unprepared the astronauts are for the task that you’ve chosen them to perform.

The Choices

While you’re under the gun to make the best choices you can in the time alotted, 60 Parsecs! basically makes this feel pointless as you slowly realize that there is no optimal crew for this journey – only those that are marginally less ill-equipped than the last.

A lot of the challenge centers around finding your crew’s talents as individuals and then melding that together into some kind of coherent group that can work together. Easier said than done, you’ll find yourself revisiting a lot of your choices because nothing quite seems to work as planned.

60 Parsecs!
60 Parsecs! is a science-fiction survival game set in outer space. Download it and make tough choices in order for your crew (or at least some of it) to live to see another day.
9 Total Score
60 Parsecs! Review Summary

While much of this is due to the game’s need for comical effect, a lot of it also derives from 60 Parsecs! unpredictable nature as a game. Ideal for those that love the mixture of Atomic Age kitsch with 1990s-style cynical humor, 60 Parsecs! nonetheless provides a consistent challenge and offers replay value that is contingent upon how many times the player wants to see his crew struggle at survival. An indie game made with a large dose of polish, 60 Parsecs!’s charm is sure to win over any who may have doubts.

  • Charming visuals
  • Funny narrative
  • Quirky gameplay
  • Tough to figure out what to do
  • Harder than it looks
  • More of an adventure game than you would think
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