Medieval Kingdom Wars

Medieval Kingdom Wars is a strategy game of grand nature, steeped in tradition. Although, there are games within the genre that execute strategy elements with greater assurance, “Kingdom Wars” makes a statement of intent.

Namely, this is due to the strong historical themes and survival mechanics accessible to the player. In turn, this creates an immersive world full of endless possibilities. Sadly, however, all this comes at the expense of clunky controls and questionable A.I. All in all, “Medieval Kingdom Wars” acts as a decent platform going forward.

How to Download Medieval Kingdom Wars Divide & Conquer

The game can be downloaded from Steam. To start your medieval adventure, click on the Download button placed below this review. And if you like medieval strategy games, there are a lot to choose from. For example, you can download and check out Crusader Kings II or Kingdom Two Crowns.

The Game Review: Wars Divide & Conquer

A large part of the allure attached to this title comes from the context. Likewise, this is most often the case in strategy games whereby the depth of lore and the span of social/political expression, makes up for the loss of cut-scenes found in other genres. That said, battles can have just as much impact on screen if done right.

Thankfully, the game shines in this regard. Concerning geographical and historical relevance, this game is bang on the money, right down to the smallest detail. Also, the 100 Years War acts as the backdrop, with events unfolding throughout the 14th century.

The player starts off the game as a low-level lord directly serving their master at any cost. After a time, you must scale up the ranks, and serve as the king’s right hand — all the while, attempting to stay in the good books.

Following years of loyal service, a bond of trust develops. Eventually, the game offers a chance of rebellion. At this point, perhaps the urge to overthrow the king is as strong as it ever has been. Could this be your shot at governance?

After all, the possibility of going down in history hailed for the birth of a new age is an enticing prospect. From this point onward, you will have direct influence over politics and policy.

The crux of the game is a simple one. In theory, anyway. The objective is to build up power and influence over time.

Like most top-down sims, the player must control issues of diplomacy, install law and order and implement battle tactics. Each of which becomes tougher to achieve as the game takes its course. In your bid to remold the history of Europe you must construct buildings, feed troops and manage coin.

There are seventeen resources to be found in the game, all of which help to shape the empire. Some of these, like stone, iron, and wood aid in construction, known as core materials. Other global materials help in scientific research. After all, the 14th century was an age of medical breakthroughs and scientific endeavor.

Another essential feature of Medieval Kingdom Wars is in fact war, funnily enough. But, I’m sure that’s of no surprise. In any case, this probably makes sense given the fact that the game takes place during a brutal and bloody period of history often referred to as the middle ages.

Anyway, battles can take place over land and sea, while each terrain has its own set of obstacles to overcome. Not to mention, the various advantages and cons which may mean the difference between victory and biting the dust. Despite the exciting and tense battle scenes, an element of frustration can creep in.

Medieval Kingdom Wars
Medieval Kingdom Wars is a mix of grand strategy and an RTS. Download it and enter a huge world render with attention to historical details.
8 Total Score
Medieval Kingdom Wars Review Summary

Generally, the game holds up from a technical standpoint, just at times the clunky controls and wandering AI lower the realism to some degree.

  • Historical accuracy
  • Deep man-management mechanics
  • Reward-based progression
  • Geographical precision
  • Stiff controls
  • Enemy and player AI tends to go awol from time to time
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