One Hour One Life

One Hour One Life is an interesting concept where it takes multiplayer survival and ramps it up to 11, where players must look after one another to ensure that the civilization doesn’t die out. Every time a new player enters the server, they are born to a mother in the game and had the best hope that said mother takes care of them, otherwise, they’re going to die very quickly. This downloadable title was released on PC on the 8th November 2018 and developed by Jason Rohrer, the same guy that developed The Castle Doctrine and Inside a Star-Filled Sky.

How to Download One Hour One Life

To download the game press the Download button at the end of the review. You can obtain the game from Steam. Since the date of its release, the game receives weekly updates. This is because the game is all about civilization being build which requires new content being added regularly.

If you like building civilizations, of course, be sure to try out Civilization V or VI.

The Game Review

One Hour One Life has less of a story and more of an idea: to see if complete strangers can work together to make sure that the civilization and the server remains active and progressing.

Each player in the game has a global time of one year per hour. At the beginning of that hour, they will be born to a mother, but by the end of that hour, they may have died, with everything in-between needing to have counted for something for the overall civilization. One Hour One Life is more about making the most of your time, while working for the betterment of the civilisation and all of your fellow players around you.

The game starts off like this, where you are born to a mother somewhere out in the game world, completely at random. Whether that mother/player takes care of you is completely down to them.

At the end of the day, they need to look after themselves to make sure that they can survive the oncoming year and if they can’t feed you or vice versa, they may have to take matters into their own hands. Providing you’ve been blessed with a player nice enough to take care of you, every hour you slowly progress further into adulthood, allowing you the chance to learn more about the world around you and its bustling civilization, depending on how developed it’s become.

Near the beginning of the server’s life, everything is going to be rather primitive and nowhere near to the standards of modern life, but that’s where consistent generations come into play.

By managing to take care and nurture each future generation, you can ensure that the civilization continues to grow as time goes on, so when your character does pass on, you’ll be able to be reborn as a baby and continue on in the game.

Throughout your lifespan, you can collect items, put on different weapons and clothes, depending on what you’re using them for and even create your own home, while contributing to civilization simply living out life alone in a corner somewhere. Banding together is an ideal way to play, but that doesn’t make it the only way to play.

In terms of comparisons, the game isn’t really like anything else out there. While it does take a lot of ideas from survival games in the genre, the gameplay and overall visual style for the game is wholly unique and isn’t like much else available at the moment.

One Hour One Life
One Hour One Life is a multiplayer survival game. Download the game, join the server, have another player to be your mother. Soon enough you will have your own off-spring. You will all build a civilization.
8 Total Score
One Hour One Life Review Summary

Anyone that's been on the lookout for a wacky take on the survival genre, One Hour One Life definitely turns the whole formula on its head to make it an interesting and enjoyable reimagining of the genre that may or may not restore your faith in humanity.

  • Unique concept that teaches you the kindness of strangers (at times)
  • Working towards this ultimate civilization is a fun task throughout
  • Making friends/families in this game is where half of the fun is
  • The visual style isn't exactly the most striking
  • Spawning with a player that won't take care of you can be quite common and frustrating
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