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Star Citizen is a tantalizing voyage into the realm of the space-age simulator. Granted, regarding visual appeal it’s light-years ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, once you unravel the mystery of each distant planet, there is very little to do, other than hop back into your space-buggy and report back to HQ.

In theory, this game has the potential to be stratospheric. Instead, it leaves one thinking what on earth could have been for this sci-fi sensation.

How to Download Star Citizen

At the moment you can download an alpha version of Star Citizen. For this, you have to create an account on the game site and pay 45 bucks. To start your download of Star Citizen Alpha, click on the Download link at the bottom of the review.

And if you like trading and combat space sims be sure also to check out Elite Dangerous or the newer X4: Foundations.

The Game Review: A Star is, Almost Born

Star Citizen has been a creation of promise for what seems like eons now. However, cast your mind back to the genesis of this divine creation, and the future looked very bright indeed. Perhaps more so, when the developers Cloud Imperium Games unveiled plans to introduce new in-game concepts and systems.

These implemented in the right way in unison with the infinite power of the Lumberyard Engine would surely be an unstoppable force for good in the gaming world at large.

The reality is, for all that visual wonder, there is an itch that scratches away at the soul beneath the surface. I mean, being able to touch down on the dusty plains of an undiscovered planet is fantastic.

But the significance of you being there is tarnished, as you can’t inhabit or colonize the natural marvels in question. That said, it’s still awe-inspiring. To think that you can set foot on the very same globes you ogle from star-gazing on terra-firma is for the most part excellent.

Excuse me if I mutter the poignant words of a rag-tag admiral from Star Trek, new life and new civilizations await. Now then, surely this aspect is the games main asset, or at least it should be.

Star Citizen: the Crowdfunding Story

This bold crowd-funded project has been the object of many fans affections ever since it snapped up public support in 2012. Following a host of delays and a complete engine overhaul, it came as no surprise when the project was halted once again.

That said, it’s been a bumpy ride, to say the least, or a one-way ticket to destination unknown as the case may seem. As a result, and to avoid running the risk of alienating its supporters, they released Alpha and BETA early access releases. Both of which have continually received updates on the fly.


So, let’s delve into the core of the game, as it is now, and avoid all the hyperbole of what’s in store. As it stands, there are no enemies to dispatch of, and a lack of activities such as salvaging, contracts, and other duties. Albeit, these have been promised later down the pipeline.

The science-fiction sandbox offers plenty regarding scale, but not much to populate all that grandeur. Besides, the main feature is the space-ships, and yes, they are a sight to behold. Sadly though, for all the polish and sheen of their appearance, is equally a lack of punch in the weapon domain.

Because these space-crafts defy the laws of space and time with intergalactic travel, you’d think that the glossy machines would be armed to the teeth with deadly lasers, rays, and beams. The reality is a little different, more like rail guns and machine turrets that don’t produce much in the way of a wow-factor.

That said, the online play is fun, despite some minor performance gripes and an occasional online lag, I’d say the game plays out in a streamlined fashion, overall.

The Bottom Line

Without meaning to wax-lyrical too much, Star Citizen shows plenty of promise, much in the same way that No Man’s Sky did all those years ago. There is an excellent foundation on which to work on, and the sky is the limits.

Who knows, anything’s possible, it’s just a shame the game though beautiful as it is, just seems like a hollow-gram of its future self at this moment in time. Let’s hope the end-game is bright for this MMO.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen is a trading and combat space simulator. Download it to enter an open world MMO universe and even play a story-driven single-player campaign Squadron 42.
9 Total Score
Star Citizen Alpha Review Summary

  • Breath-taking visuals
  • Awesome futuristic space-craft
  • Grand scale of its world
  • Underwhelming weaponry
  • Small list of inhabitable planets
  • Not enough activities
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