Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is the fourth part of the Elite games series. This title was created by Frontier Developments together with David Braben. It is a sandbox game (one that allows the player to explore a virtual world in any way without restricting access to its individual elements), which is set in a very distant future. Elite: Dangerous is a space trading and space flight and combat simulator. The game combines the multi-player game mode with a single-player game.

How to Download Elite Dangerous

You can download the game files directly from Elite Dangerous website or via Steam. To start the download, click on Download at the end of the review.

The Gameplay

Elite: Dangerous is set around year 3300, when – after the invention of a hyperspace travel – humanity began a gradual colonization of the farthest corners of the galaxy. At the beginning of the game, you get a small spaceship, as well as a small sum of money and you start to play in a world where the laws of physics are perfectly copied. The player decides who he or she’s going to become – it is possible to be a smuggler, a space pirate, a bounty hunter, a merchant, a miner,  or any combination of the above. Each of the activities that the player will undertake is associated with financial profits.

In the world presented in the Elite: Dangerous, three factions fight for power:

  • The Federation – is a group of people who rule in a manner reminiscent of today’s democracy, with strict laws. Their leader is the president and a group of congressmen;
  • The Empire – similar in form to caste societies, where the richest are in power. Still, everyone – even slaves – is treated well, because the imperialists consider it a matter of honor;
  • The Alliance of Independent Systems – created as a result of the necessity of cooperation between many star systems as a form of reaction to the Cold War fought between the Empire and the Federation. They have one goal: to defend themselves against the influence of the aforementioned factions and to protect the inhabitants of peaceful corners of the galaxy.

In addition to these factions, there are also other free groups of people in which anarchy usually rules.

Elite Dangerous is a simulation of a spaceship flight in the absence of gravity. An interesting fact is that the player’s economic decisions have an impact on the entire virtual world of the game. Among other things, what might change are the forces of the influence of particular factions and the level of security in different parts of the galaxy. These factors are not without influence on the prices in the universe, the type of available missions or even the activity of galactic pirates. It is worth mentioning that despite the lack of a line of quests that would guide the player through the story of the game, the number of available missions is huge. These depend heavily on the profession that the player performs.

Regardless of which game mode you choose, the worlds of all the players partially overlap and connect. Each action has consequences that are difficult to predict.

Elite Game Series History

The first cosmic trade and combat simulator from the Elite series, entitled Elite, of course, was released in 1984. The successors were Frontier Elite II (1993) and Frontier: First Encounters (1995). The latest installment – Elite Dangerous was released in 2014.

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous is a science-fiction flight simulator in which you trade and fight battles by piloting a spaceship. Come into the open world. Download the game now.
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