They Are Billions

They Are Billions is a downloadable strategy game by Numantian Games studio (the company is also known for creating a quite successful RPG Lords of Xulima), which requires you to manage human settlements. The basic task of the player, in addition to skillful redistribution of the resources, is to protect the survivors from the zombie attack. Depending on the individual preferences of the player, it is possible to place up to twenty thousand monsters on the map! The game is currently in beta (early access). The release date for They Are Billions is December 12, 2017. The price has been set at $ 24.99.

How to Download They Are Billions

The game can be downloaded directly from the Steam website. If you want to start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

How to Play the Game: the Guide

The game’s setting is a planet once colonized by people. Suddenly, many residents are being changed into bloodthirsty zombies as a result of an outbreak of an epidemic. The healthy remaining part of the population is in grave danger. Those who survived are fighting for survival confronting dangerous monsters. The defend themselves gathered in small colonies. The game graphics and the level of development of culture and technology are made in such a way as to be reminiscent of the second half of the twentieth century.

The game is played as an RTS (real-time strategy). That means you don’t take turns. luckily for those who want some tactical approach, it is possible, however, to pause the game to conveniently and calmly think about the next moves. At the beginning of the game, you choose who will become the mayor. Each candidate has some unique skills – for example, the character called Violet Lopes raises gold reserves by 1000. When choosing your colony manager, it is worth to consider the topography of the area and then decide who will give you the greatest benefit. For example, choose a character that provides additional food in the coastal area where you can fish.

They Are Billions – the Tips

Due to the fact that most of the previously existing human settlements in the game are no longer suitable for being inhabiting, you create a city from scratch. You collect resources, set up houses and public buildings, and provide electricity. The location of each building is important, because in different places they bring different profits – you should pay attention to this fact and put them where it pays the most!

At the same time, you are still threatened with zombie attacks. The devs have endowed the monsters with good artificial intelligence. Thus the monsters look for revenge after their finding dead brothers! Keep in mind that the longer you manage to survive, the more difficult the attacks will become, and the number of monsters invading the colony will increase.

In They Are Billions, how you pace your action is of great importance: if even one zombie gets into your colony, and you do not react quickly, everyone in the area will be infected! That’s why investing in defensive walls or watch towers is crucial, as well as training individuals to fight monsters or paying mercenaries for protection.

The Game Modes

The game is a single-player experience. After the start of the game, the map is randomly generated and you can choose to play one of the two modes:

  • survival, where you have the task of protecting your colonies for 100 days, providing the inhabitants with appropriate living conditions,
  • or a campaign in which we must recolonize the empty areas.

During the play, you will be assigned different types of tasks appear. The map is presented in the fog of war fashion, the yet not visited areas are darkened – they will be revealed by exploration.

They Are Billions
They Are Billions is a steampunk strategic apocalypse in which you defend human colonies from the attacks of billions of infected people. Download the game and resist the hordes of zombies.
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