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Download Accelerator Plus DAP

Download Accelerator Plus, in short, known as DAP is a program that can be used to accelerate the download speed of any files you decide to download to your PC.

DAP can also convert the video files from one format to another. It also has support to audio files. Download Accelerator Plus supports video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI and many others.

Speedbit, the creator of this fantastic software, focuses on accelerating the data transmission across the web and the developer team tries to overcome the latency and factors that slow down the internet speed.

If you are in search of download manager that has a free version with many features and also offers a premium version with added functionalities, this is a tool for you.

Download Accelerator Plus Installation and Download

First of all, let’s discuss the installation process of this tool in Windows. It will be an easy task for you to install the program. You need to go to the official site of Speedbit to download the original tool (alternatively, you can follow the Download link here at MadDownload.com). As soon as you get to the link provided below, you will be presented with green and orange buttons.

Clicking on the green button, you can download a free version of the Download Accelerator Plus whereas the orange button will take you to the new page showing you the prices or the subscription charges of the Download Accelerator Plus.

f you are a single user, we recommend you to download the single premium license. It is available for $24.95 currently with a discount of $15. You can either use your card or your PayPal account for buying the subscription the Download Accelerator Plus.

If you are skeptical on how the program will function you can give a try to the program installing the free version available. After you download the application, run the installation wizard. Now you’ll be ready to use Download Accelerator Plus.

What Are the Features Provided by the Application?

DAP offers some exciting capabilities. To speed up the downloads it supports multi-thread acceleration engine which means you can download using 8 to 10 threads at a time. It is obvious that this will result in faster download speeds than usual.

Mirroring server database is quite extensive which will help in fast generation of download links and will further increase of the download speed.

Downloading Videos

You may have a desire to download the video file from any online site. If so, Download Accelerator Plus is a tool for you. You can download the video from any website without any restrictions. However, among the millions of sites available across the web, it may not support a few of them.

Another most exciting feature of the program is that it allows you to convert videos you download into the audio formats. The team claims that there are more than 300 million users of the download manager.

Extreme acceleration for downloading is provided to the premium licensed users. Also, the resume support is well optimized in the paid version than in the free one.

There is an impressive ability to automatically select the mirror server for the fast download by cluttering the file into the part and merging after the completion of downloading the file.

DAP: the Premium Features

Let’s discuss the more things the premium users can do. There are a bunch of add-ons you can install. Premium users can access the file shredder using which you can shred and destroy the files you have downloaded to your computer.

Also, premium users can have a .zip download prepared online. You can easily see the content inside a .zip file before downloading the zipped files from any site. Also, you will be able to browse the web from the tool itself.

As already mentioned, you will be able to remove the traces of downloaded files from your computer. You will be able to completely remove the browsing and download history and also the temporary web pages and images that are stored during the process.

Our Final Words

From the high competition among the tools to download videos and files from the internet, Download Accelerator Plus 10 has been able to occupy a special position among the users.

The features provided by the tool impressed us. It was similar to many download managers but the premium features seem to be actually premium.

If you like the free version of the app, fine. But if you have a will, you can install the premium license and see the magic. We would highly recommend going for the premium version if you are in need of extremely high and awesome download speed of the files over the internet.

We did not find the online forum for the app, so we think it is a little hard task to go after some additional info. But no worries, developers are constantly working to add awesome features to the app in each update it provides.

Download Accelerator Plus DAP 10
Download Accelerator Plus or DAP is a download manager which will increase the speed of your downloads and much more. Get it now for free.
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