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Teleport Pro 1.72

The best web browsers not only load up your data quickly and smoothly but they also do so with a huge amount of security – at least, that’s what the best ones do. But browsers like Teleport Pro, more appropriately classified as a web crawler than anything else, do all of that except for the provide the end user with offline access to websites.

That’s right – no Internet connection is needed with the Teleport Port and it is even capable of pulling up to 10 retrieval threads from the web at the exact same time. Web developers and people who work with website design will love how fast and efficient it is and are sure to be impressed with Teleport Pro’s ability to handle simple to complex code including HTML5, CSS3, and DHTML.

How to Download Teleport Pro

You can download the program by clicking on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Program Review

It also has multiple user-defined search filter parameters that can be used to classify and categorize data in an efficient manner. You can search by file size, type, date, or even by user-defined tags that Teleport Pro attaches to web files for this explicit purpose.

What you get is a combined offline web browser/web crawler with an extremely robust file management system that makes administering huge development strings a lot easier. Got multiple projects going on at the same time? Teleport Pro is equipped to deal with that and does it all without breaking a sweat in the process.

In terms of what data Teleport Pro takes from a website, users can specify exactly what they’d like to take or can download the whole site. What this allows is for browsing the website directly from your hard drive at extremely fast speeds. For frequently updated websites, you can schedule multiple update retrievals to keep the website’s content current.

For development purposes, Teleport Pro lets you create a complete mirror copy of the website along with file structures and directories as well as the files themselves. This gives creators a space within which to try out new things on the website before deploying it to the live site. For developers that practice testing environment to live development on the web, Teleport Pro is a must-have piece of software.

Beyond just website structure, you can also scan the site for keywords and other linking practices to evaluate the SEO structure you have going on in the site. You can link to other websites from a central hub as well as create detailed page directories and site maps.

Best of all is that the user interface making all of this possible is clean and easy to use. Learning all of Teleport Pro’s features might take a little bit of research, but there’s a lot going on here and it is really worth your time to see what you need for your uses as well as discover completely new functionalities you didn’t know you needed but you want to use.

As far as in how taxing it can be for a system, that is really up to the website you have it crawl and catalog. The larger the website, the longer it will take and the slower things will be but you will also be hard-pressed to find any software out there that can do it more quickly.

Teleport Pro
Teleport Pro is a program that lets you download websites for offline viewing. Download it now and test its features.
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