Microsoft Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2016 is an email client with the built-in calendar. It can be downloaded as a separate program or as a part of Microsoft Office 2016 suite which was released in late 2015. It is also included in Office 365.

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Microsoft Outlook 2016 –  an Email Software Which is Easy to Use

In Outlook 2016 Microsoft introduced a series of new functionalities, which facilitate the daily work with the program. One of them is messages filters for all messages and unread messages. With one click we can also mark a message as read or unread.

Another feature is the capability to freely sort email folders. Up to this point, such folders were sorted automatically in an alphabetical order. Now we can rearrange them with a mouse.

The process of looking for email messages has been also streamlined. Once we type in what we are looking for in the title of the message, we can filter our query by typing what we expect to find in the body.

What has been improved on many levels is the process of sending out the messages. Now when we click on Reply, Reply To All or Forward, no new window will pop up on the screen by default. This alone saves time and reduces the clutter. In this new setup, we simply type in the same window at the top of the previous message. There is also a new option Reply & Delete. After all the messages which we would like to remove from our Inbox after replying to are not that uncommon.

It is extremely easy now to delete messages. Now when we hover over a message on the messages list a red cross appears. Clicking on it removes the chosen email. In a similar fashion, we can now hover over a calendar event to find out what exactly was scheduled. Before  Outlook 2016 we had to double-click on the event box.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 – the Common Office New Features

in Microsoft Outlook 2016 one can also find new capabilities that are shared among the Office applications. One such feature is Tell me, what you want to do box. A point can be made that is a help system on steroids. Rather than telling us how to do things it basically does them for us. When we type in a name of a command we want to give, it shows as a list of items related to our request. It is then enough to click and we achieve what we wanted.

The second common feature is Smart Lookup. When we encounter a phrase we would normally want to search for on the Internet, now we select it and choose Smart Lookup command. A Bing pane appears within Microsoft Outlook 2016 and we can copy all the text and images inside the body of our email.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2016 is a modern email client and event calendar. It is a part of Microsoft Office 2016.

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