Girls’ Frontline

Girls’ Frontline, a downloadable mobile strategy game from MICA Team is a kind of Pokemon of moe dolls: That is, you collect dolls with different talents and send them out into the world for battle. This title serves as a prequel to the game Codename Bakery Girl by the same company.

How to Download Girls’ Frontline

You can download Girls’ Frontline either from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To start your download, click on the Download link below this review.

The Game Review

The various ranks of dolls in the game corresponds to their levels of ability. They are called “T-Dolls” in the game or “Tactical Dolls” when fully spelled out. These T-Dolls correspond to real-world firearms.

You assemble squads of T-Dolls to go out and fight enemies called SF. Battles play out in turn-based strategy style on a map. These are automated but players can do things like activate special abilities or change a doll’s position in the battle formation.

To level your T-Dolls, players undertake campaign missions, logistic support missions, or combat simulations. Campaign missions are story-driven and reveal some of the background of the world of Girls’ Frontline.

As a mobile game, players shouldn’t be shocked that there are gacha and other monetizable aspects to the game. Gacha games can let players obtain T-Dolls equipment and uniforms that are unavailable through the black card shop.

Though they will eventually be offered through that store, the initial exclusivity related to the gacha mechanic is one-way the game makes money off of its player base. For those who are not familiar with a gacha mechanic, it is basically a randomized loot box for a character or item.

Different from many mobile games of similar ilk, this title has a well-developed story that many traditional fans of JRPGs should find enjoyable. This can be advanced through the campaign missions though players will have to engage in side quests to better level their T-Dolls without resorting to cash shop purchases for the gacha game.

Girls’ Frontline also does a great job of balancing grind with compelling gameplay. Gamers who enjoy loot and upgrading their characters will probably fall in love with Girls’ Frontline while those that enjoy actively deciding everything in a battle might be disappointed.

This is because battles aren’t the most interactive element of the game and what interaction there is, is somewhat limited. But, again, as a mobile game, this is a nice middle ground to occupy because many players will be on the go and cannot devote their full attention to the game because of that.

The Graphics

Graphically, Girls’ Frontline is what you would expect. The artwork is well done and the colors are crisp and clear but there’s nothing special to write home about in this department. Music and sound are serviceable.

Girls' Frontline
Girls' Frontline is an anime mobile strategy game in which you command an army of soldiers who are all cute girls. Download it and have fun.
8.5 Total Score
Girls' Frontline Review Summary

Best of all is the monetization opportunities are limited and unobtrusive – Girls’ Frontline thrives on having a large, active player base and you don’t get there by nickle and diming everyone that comes along.

  • Fun mobile tactical RPG
  • Wide variety of character/class types
  • A gripping story
  • Gacha mechanics are never fun
  • Tons of grind
  • Not very interactive during battles
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