My Talking Tom 2

In the downloadable mobile game My Talking Tom 2, you adopt a tom cat from birth to adulthood and do similar activities with him. The concept is nothing new as the virtual pet genre is almost as old as toys themselves but still, the game will hook you or your kid up for hours and days.

How to Download My Talking Tom 2

You can download My Talking Tom 2 from Apple App Store or from Google Play. To start downloading, hit the link located below this review. You might also download and check out the original game or My Talking Angela where you have a female heroine.

The Game Review

While the virtual pet sim genre may be dating to recall the pet rock craze of the 1970s, a more recent example could be found in Tamagotchi or even Pokemon.

Basically, these games are premised on raising some kind of animal or creature.

Whether or not there is some ultimate purpose to this action is largely a function of the game itself. Some have more role-playing game elements and let you battle creatures in the vein of Pokemon while others just let you raise a virtual pet like Tamagotchi.

My Talking Tom 2, however, mostly recalls the Nintendogs series for Nintendo DS.

This series of the game put you as the owner of a cute little pup that you had to raise and care for, petting it and tending to its needs as they arise.  

My Talking Tom 2 upgrades the number of minigames and things you can buy for your cat but remains free to play like the other games in the series. 

Tom is fully interactive as well. This means that players can drag and drop him to wherever they like and even put him in a plane to go on adventures. It is all quite whimsical and fun but really, really addictive. A lot of taking care of Tom deals with routine but other things, such as the minigames, broaden the game’s scope and give players more options.

The game is free but advertises Outfit7’s products and links to them in the game. This is a small trade-off for what is otherwise a fully functional app but it is worth noting. You are never pressured into making any kind of purchase and the game offers most of its content without ever needing to engage in microtransactions. My Talking Tom 2 seems pretty wedded to the advertising revenue model and that’s a nice thing from a player standpoint. 

Using what can only be described as a mix between a hand-drawn art style and something generic, My Talking Tom 2’s graphics are nonetheless charming and appropriate. There is a cartoon-like appearance to everything that is disarming and makes sure that the game runs smoothly on all platforms. In terms of music and sound, there really isn’t anything that stands out. Everything works together well but there are parts here and there that scream “generic.”

My Talking Tom 2
My Talking Tom 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the hit title My Talking Tom in which you control a cute kitten who even talks back to you. Download it and have fun.
9 Total Score
My Talking Tom 2 Review Summary

  • Really fun and engaging virtual-pet gameplay will keep gamers playing for hours on end
  • The app is a great pick-up-and-play game with no commitment
  • The whole package is really charming and a lot of fun to interact with
  • Somewhat basic for gamers that are used to more complicated pet games
  • Graphics, sound, and music are generic
  • If you don’t like seeing tons of ads popping up in your video game then you might want to steer clear of My Talking Tom 2 because it is ad supported
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