Book Club

Book Club is a romantic comedy film produced by Endeavor Content and June Pictures. The film is directed by Bill Holderman and features a cast consisting of Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Diane Keaton (she’s Jenny in Finding Dory, her mother). It was officially released on 18th May 2018.

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The Film Review

Book Club talks about four friends named Vivian, Diane, Sharon, and Carol. The four women have been in a book club together for over thirty years where they discuss the contents of different books. One day, after reading the popular erotica book known as Fifty Shades of Grey, the women realize how their love life has been nothing but a void in recent times.

The Plot

As a result, Vivian begins to flirt with Arthur, a man she had dumped 40 years ago. Diane meets a guy named Mitchel whom she begins seeing quite occasionally. Carol, having been already being married to Bruce, tries to rekindle her sex life by unsuccessfully attempting to seduce him. Lastly, Sharon makes an online profile and tries to match up with a guy whom she can start a relationship with.

All four of them continue with the Fifty Shades book series as they try to solve their relationship issues. Diane’s relationship with Mitchel grows stronger which eventually forces her to scold her daughters for trying to stop her. She, in turn, moves in with Mitchel. At the same time, Arthur tries to get close to Vivian, who, in fear of losing her independence, keeps him at a distance.

Meanwhile, as a result of being sexually rejected constantly, Carol assumes that Bruce is experiencing erectile dysfunction. On the contrary, however, Bruce reveals that their void is caused by the fact that he is stressed about being retired and having nothing to do anymore. The two eventually make up as they dance together at an event.

Lastly, Sharon initially calls off her internet dating venture but soon realizes how she needs to be with someone. She soon reactivates her online account in search of a new relationship.

The Bottom Line

Despite being a typical rom-com, what stands out in Bill Holderman’s Book Club is how it focuses on the lives of women whose ages are all above 65. The film specifically focuses on older aged women who try to liven up their lives by engaging in sexual encounters. To top that off, viewers get to notice how the cast’s cheerful persona makes the film more fun to watch.

On the other end, the film has also been massively criticized for being too fake and irrational. Critics have claimed that the jokes throughout the sequence are simply cringy and out of context. Furthermore, the premise itself has been deemed as repetitive and boring.

In terms of financial success, Book Club has managed to do fairly well on the box office, earning around $4.7 million on its first day. Having been released at the same time as Deadpool and Show Dogs, one can admit that the film might as well have been overshadowed. Regardless, Book Club is a typical adult comedy that is perfect to watch on a Sunday evening.

Book Club
Book Club is a comedy about woman inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey. Download it and see what that interest lead them to.
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