Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English Strikes Again is a downloadable action comedy film produced by StudioCanal, Working Title Films, and Perfect World Pictures. The film is the third edition of the Johnny English Series: after Johnny English (2003) and Johnny English Reborn (2011).

How to Stream or Download Johnny English Strikes Again

You can pre-order and then download Johnny English Strikes Again once it becomes available on iTunes. You can expect the movie to feature several languages with audio and subtitles, however, the much-sought Tamil and Hindi might not be there.

The Film Review

The Release Date

The movie was officially released on 5th October 2018 by Universal Pictures. It is directed by David Kerr and features a cast consisting of the legendary comedian Rowan Atkinson, along with Ben Miller, Olga Kurylenko, Jake Lacy, and Emma Thompson.

The Plot

The story is a sequel to Johnny English Reborn as the M17 agent English can be seen teaching at a school whilst also secretly training his students in espionage. Meanwhile, a cyber attack takes place at M17 which reveals the identities of all of its agents.

English is called upon by the Prime Minister to search for the root of this attack. English pairs up with his ex-sidekick Bough as the two travel to France to begin their investigations.

The duo discovers that the cyber attack came from a yacht called the Dot Calm. They encounter a Russian woman named Ophelia who initially offers English help in their investigations. Despite Bough’s concerns, English cooperates with Ophelia who is eventually revealed to be a Russian spy.

Meanwhile, it is discovered that the Dot Calm belongs to a Silicon Valley billionaire Jason Volta who is currently in talks with the Prime Minister to form an agreement and present it at a meeting between the G12 nations.

After failing to provide any sort of proof, English infiltrates Volta’s mansion and encounters Ophelia who betrays and captures him.

English escapes but is fired by the Prime Minister for false accusations pointed towards Volta. Regardless, English carries on to pursue Volta without MI17’s support who now openly plans to blackmail the other nations at the G12 meeting.

English calls Pegasus for help which launches a missile towards the Dot Calm, destroying it completely. Volta tries to escape but English finally manages to restrain him, foiling his plan to rule over the world.

Upon completion, Johnny English returns to his school where he begins to teach his students about the technology used during his mission.

Johnny English Strikes Again: the Movie Production

After the success of the first two missions, it was evident that Atkinson would return for a third installment. Production for the film began in August 2017 with David Kerr as the main director.

The film was mostly shot in parts of Welham Green, Hertfordshire, and Gloucestershire. The VFX company BlueBolt was mainly responsible for creating the special effects that took place throughout the film.

The Music

The main score for the film was composed by Howard Goodall. The film also included numerous songs such as I Need a Hero by Sarah Buxton, You’re All I Need by White Lion, and Johnny’s On Board by Goodall himself.

The Bottom Line. Is Johnny English Strikes Again Worth Your Time?

The film was mostly received with positive reviews. Ever since its initial release, Johnny English Strikes Again has managed to gross a sound amount of cash worldwide. As usual, Atkinson’s performance was praised by fans all around who, by now, is considered to be no less than a living legendary comedian.

Johnny English Strikes Again
Johnny English Strikes Again is the third installment of the comedy series about a British spy. Download it now and laugh your pants off.
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