Johnny English Reborn

Johnny English Reborn is a 2011 action-comedy directed by Oliver Parker and is a sequel to the 2003 parody film, Johnny English. Taking place several years after the events of the first film, Reborn finds our bumbling hero disgraced and cast aside after a disastrous mission gone wrong. Despite several years of successful spying, Johnny’s mistakes have forced him to retreat to Tibet, where he laments his fall from the top. Just as quickly as he was removed from service, Johnny is called back into action, once again placing him in the world of spies and secrets.

Like the first film, Johnny English Reborn has some sizable laughs and action scenes, but the storytelling is a bit more serious than before. Fans can still expect plenty of classic Johnny English stunts and silliness, as this is a chuckle-worthy sequel that’s tons of fun.

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To stream or to download this hilarious comedy, click on the Download button ad the end of the film review. Check out also the sequel Johnny English Strike Again that was released in 2018. And of course, don’t miss Bean (1997) and Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007).

The Movie Review

This sequel starts off in the mountains of Tibet, where Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) tries to find inner peace at a monastery following his failure while working at MI7. During his training as a monk, Johnny attempts to strengthen his mind and power, but his efforts are cut short when an emergency transmission calls him back home to England. Back at MI7, Johnny’s new boss Pamela Thornton (Gillian Anderson) is reluctant to work with him, but sees no other choice.

The agency has recently uncovered a plot to assassinate the Chinese Premier, and Johnny is the only person with the connections needed to prevent the catastrophe. Before heading off to Hong Kong, Johnny meets his new junior agent sidekick, Colin (Daniel Kaluuya), and equips himself with some new high-tech gadgets.

Johnny English Reborn is a bigger and better movie than the original in almost every way, with a more intriguing plot, cooler action scenes, and a bigger budget. The movie plays around with more spy movie tropes, but also produces a fun and original tale of international assassins.

There’s a fun bit of mystery to the whole affair, although most viewers will figure things out pretty easily. Johnny English continues to be an enormously likable protagonist despite his frequency of fumbles, and the addition of sidekick Colin was a great call. Daniel Kaluuya does a great job in the role, providing a fun perspective throughout the adventure. Overall, both the performances and the plot are effective, especially Rowan Atkinson in the titular role.

If you’re a fan of Rowan Atkinson or the first Johnny English movie, there’s no reason to skip over Johnny English Reborn. It gives viewers more of the same great comedy, but with a slightly grittier and more serious plot to accompany it.

The bigger budget helps the movie make good use of its various exotic settings, as well as providing a noticeable boost in the action. For those viewers who enjoyed the original Johnny English but wished it was a bit more bombastic, Reborn will be especially satisfying. Either way, Johnny English Reborn is an entertaining and goofy flick that succeeds in poking fun at the spy genre.

Johnny English Reborn
Johnny English Reborn is an extremely funny spy comedy starring Rowan Atkinson. Download it now and watch with your family tonight.
9.5 Total Score
Johnny English Reborn Review Summary

  • Quality performances from new and returning actors
  • Great variety of international locales
  • Consistently funny
  • Some jokes are a bit overplayed
  • Mostly predictable mystery
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