Johnny English

Johnny English is a comedy and parody film starring Rowan Atkinson and John Malkovich, directed by Peter Howitt. The film follows a British Secret Service agent named Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) who dreams of moving from his boring desk job to the alluring world of espionage.

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The Movie Review

After an unexpected change in staffing, Johnny’s wish comes true and he is quickly thrust into the field. The movie mainly parodies the tropes of the spy genre as well as popular films like the James Bond series, but it’s also a great example of Rowan Atkinson’s fantastic comedic abilities. Similar to Rowan Atkinson’s popular Mr. Bean character, Johnny English often runs into unfortunate situations, but still manages to win out the day with quick thinking and plenty of luck. The film’s family-friendly rating and short run-time make it a quick burst of lighthearted comedy, great for a laid back movie night.

Johnny English focuses appropriately on the titular Johnny English, an aged British Secret Service agent working as an information specialist. After an accident kills nearly every spy working at the agency, only Johnny and his trusty sidekick Bough (Ben Miller) are left to carry out missions.

Although Johnny has long dreamed of living the life of a spy, even going as far as to act out his fantasies while in the bathroom, he’s not exactly the most skilled agent. One of his first missions involves protecting the royal Crown Jewels from a group of thieves who plan on stealing it during a restoration unveiling ceremony. When the jewels are stolen right underneath Johnny’s nose, he must investigate the crime and its suspects, including the suspicious French prison owner, Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich).

Johnny’s mission to retrieve the stolen jewels and track down the responsible criminals is one filled with humor and action, mostly propelled by Rowan Atkinson’s hilarious antics as well as a few notable set-piece moments. Anyone who is familiar with the Mr. Bean series will be right at home with Johnny English, and will definitely appreciate the physical and slapstick comedy that’s here.

There’s a great dynamic between Bough and English throughout the entire film, with a surprisingly effective villain in the form of Sauvage. Through a thick accent and plenty of showmanship, the character of Pascal Sauvage manages to add a hint of reality to this otherwise fantastical display of the spy world.

Like the James Bond films that it parodies, Johnny English is also full of cool gadgets and expensive cars, resulting in some action scenes that are equally hilarious and exciting. Although the movie isn’t as action-packed as most mainstream spy films, there’s still a good dose of explosions.

While Johnny English might not be as suave or as skilled as James Bond, he’s often just as entertaining, resulting in an endearing, laugh-out-loud adventure. Johnny’s first foray into the world of international spies is plenty enjoyable, complete with good humor, fun action, and likable characters.

The actual mystery surrounding the stolen jewels leaves a bit to be desired, but the interesting villain and generally silly tone make it easy to forgive most plot problems. As long as you don’t expect a super-serious and bombastic spy thriller, you should have a great time checking out Johnny English.

Johnny English
Johnny English is a 2003 comedy starring Rowan Atkinson. Download it now and see the adventures of the coolest MI7 spy.
10 Total Score
Johnny English Review Summary

  • Fun concept and a successful parody
  • Classic physical comedy from Rowan Atkinson
  • Great for both kids and adults

  • Needs a bit more action
  • Main mystery lacks intrigue
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